How to Change Cursor from Plus to Arrow in Excel (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1 – Launch Visual Basic Window

Select Visual Basic from the Developer tab.

Opening visual basic editor

Step 2 – Insert VBA Code

  1. Click on Insert > Module.Inserting new module
  2. Enter the following code in the module window:
Sub PlusToCursor()
Application.Cursor = xlNorthwestArrow
End Sub

VBA code change cursor sign

Step 3 – Run the Macro

  1. Click on the Run icon.Run the code from editor
  2. Select the newly created macro and click Run.Selecting macro from window

You will notice that the cursor changed from plus to arrow.

Changing Cursor from Plus to Arrow in Excel

  • Another way to run the macro is from the View tab > Macros > View Macros.

Opening macro from view tab

  • You can also run the macro from the Developer tab > Macros.

Opening macro from developer tab

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the cursor from arrow to plus in Excel?

Insert the following code in a new module and run.

Sub PlusToCursor()
Application.Cursor = xldefault
End Sub

How to change the cursor from plus to arrow in Excel Mac?

You can apply the above code to change the cursor from plus to arrow in Excel Mac too.

How can I use the plus sign cursor for the Fill handle tool?

You can change it in Excel Advanced options.

  1. Go to File tab > Options.
  2. Select Advanced > Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop > OK.

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