The Cursor Keys are Not Working in Excel – 8 Solutions

This is an overview of the problem:

Dataset-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel


What Are Cursor Keys?

Keyboard keys: the Up, Down, Left, Right, Home, End, PageUp, and PageDown are referred to as Cursor Keys. They move the cursor in different directions.

Reasons for the problem

  • Enabling Scroll Lock Key
  • Activated Add-ins
  • Glitched Sticky Keys option enables the Scroll Lock
  • Freeze Panes lock working area
  • Protected Excel worksheets
  • Background processing of complex Excel formulas
  • Worksheet in Formula Entry mode
  • Keyboard Drive update issue


Solution 1 – Turning Off the Keyboard Scroll Lock

Press the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard to activate or deactivate the Scroll Lock.

Scroll Locks Key

Using On-Screen Keyboard (Windows):

  • Enter On-Screen Keyboard in the Windows Search bar.
  • Click on Open to launch the On-screen Keyboard.

On-screen keyboard-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

  •  Click ScrLk to switch the Scroll Lock On or Off.

On-screen keyboard

 Tips: Press Win+Ctrl+O to launch the On-Screen Keyboard.

For Mac Users (Physical Keyboard):

For Mac, press F14 or Shift + F14.

Solution 2 –  Enabling Sticky Keys

  • Enter Control Panel in the Windows Search bar.
  • Click Open.

Sticky Keys-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

  • In the the Control Panel window, click Ease of Access in Adjust your Computer’s Settings.

Control Panel

  • Select Ease of Access.
  • Click Ease of Access Center.

Ease of Access

  • Select Make the keyboard easier to use in Explore all settings.

Ease of Access Center-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

  • Check Turn on Sticky Keys in Make the Keyboard easier to use.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click OK.

Sticky Keys


  • Fast press SHIFT  5 times to display the Sticky Keys window.
  • Click YES.

Sticky Keys window-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

Solution 3 – Disabling the Scroll Lock in Excel Worksheets to Activate the Cursor Keys

You can check the Scroll Lock Status:

  • Right-click Status bar.
  • Set Scroll Lock Status On or Off.

Excel Scroll Lock-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

Solution 4 – Exiting Formula Mode to Solve Issue with Cursor Keys

  • Exit the formula pressing ENTER or ESC or CTRL+ Z.

Formula Mode

Solution 5 – Disabling Add-ins 

  • Go to File > Options > Select Add-ins > Click Go.
  • Add-ins-Cursor Keys Not Working in ExcelIn the Add-ins dialog box, uncheck all Add-ins.
  • Click OK.

Deactivating Add-ins-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel


Solution 6 – Using the Unfreeze Panes Option 

  •  Go to the View tab > Select Unfreeze Panes.

Unfreeze Panes-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel


Solution 7 – Unprotecting the Worksheet .

Unprotect Sheet

Click the link to see how to unprotect an Excel Worksheet without Password.

Solution 8 – Updating the Keyboard Driver 

  • Enter Device Manager in the Windows Search bar.
  • Click Open.

Update keyboard driver-Cursor Keys Not Working in Excel

  • In the Device Manager window, click Keyboards.
  • Right-click Keyboard Type (here, HID Keyboard Device).
  • Select Update driver.

Update keyboard driver

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    There are also Excel bugs which cause it to ignore the cursor keys. A workaround I found is to add a new sheet, and immediately delete it. This resets the faulty setting inside Excel.

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