Add The Footer Page 1 To The Current Worksheet

In this article, I will show you how you can add the footer page 1 to the current worksheet you are working on. Excel has many different options for inserting the Header and Footer in a worksheet from which, inserting the pages is one of them. Here I will demonstrate 2 processes of doing this.

Choosing the Page 1 option from the Footer Section

There are two processes from which you can add the pages to your worksheet. Here I will show you, how you can choose the Page 1 option directly from the Footer section. To perform this, follow the below steps.

  • First, select the Header & Footer option under the Text section of the Insert tab.

  • After clicking this, you will see the Header & Footer under the Design tab.

  • Now under the Footer section select the Page 1 option.

  • By scrolling down the worksheet, you will see the page numbers get inserted automatically in every page. You will see these page numbers only while setting up your worksheet for printing.

Choosing the “Page 1 of ?” option from the Footer Section

Instead of choosing the Page 1 option, if you select the “Page 1 of ?” option you will see the number of each individual pages along with the total pages. It means if you have total 5 pages, after selecting this Footer option you will see Page 1 of 5 in the first page, Page 2 of 5 in the 2nd page and Page 5 of 5 in the last page.

Note: For getting a proper printing, set up your worksheet properly. Adjust all the columns in one page. You can even select the row header so that in every page the row header gets printed with the rest of the data.

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Assigning Page from the Page Setup Dialogue Box

Another way of inserting Header & Footer is by launching the Page Setup dialogue box. To do this, first select the dialogue box launcher of the Page Setup under the Page Layout tab. In the Page Setup dialogue box, select the Header/Footer option and then in the Footer drop-down list select anyone from the list. By selecting the Page 1 option you will see the page numbers appear serially in every page.

You can also use the Custom Footer option to select the alignment of the footer. For this, you need to select the Custom Footer button. After this, a new window will open up where you can customize the page footer of your own. Here the Insert Page Number actually works like the Page 1 option from the Design tab.


After reading this article you will get to know how the page numbers are inserted in the active worksheet of Excel. Don’t forget to set up your page for a proper printing. Don’t get confused if you don’t see the Footers in your worksheet. You will only see them while printing. Give your feedback regarding this article in the comment section. Stay tuned for more useful articles.

Happy Excelling.

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