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Hello! Welcome to my Profile. Here I will be posting articles related to Microsoft Excel. I have completed my BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh. I am a diligent, goal-oriented engineer with an immense thirst for knowledge and an attitude to grow continuously. Continuous improvement and life-long learning are my mottoes.

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Creating charts is one of the main purposes for which you use Excel. The different kinds of charts give us a visual representation of the data we are working ...

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Calculating a weighted average with percentages in Excel involves multiplying each value by its respective weight (percentage), summing up these weighted ...

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Students Tracking Their Own Progress Template

"No Macro used. No installation is necessary. Just download and start using." - Siam Hasan Khan (Template Developer) Created using Excel 2016 ...

How to Calculate Hours Worked Minus Lunch Using Excel Formulas (4 Methods)

We will use the following dataset containing the records of Start Time, End Time, Lunch Start time, and Lunch End time of some working days. Using this dataset ...

Sort Pivot Table by Values in Excel (4 Smart Ways)

Sometimes after making a Pivot table in Excel, the data can be seen placed in the wrong order. To sort it out, Excel has many different sorting options for the ...

Weekly Meal Planner Template with Snacks (Free Download)

"No Macro used. No installation is necessary. Just download and start using." - Siam Hasan Khan (Template Developer) Created using Excel 2016 ...

Tracking Student Progress Excel Template (Free Download)

"No Macro or installation is necessary. Just download and start using." - Siam Hasan Khan (Template Developer) Created using Excel 2016 ...

Perform Commands to Center the Selected Worksheets in Excel

Looking for ways to know how to perform commands to center selected worksheets in Excel? We can select worksheets and perform commands to center them in Excel ...

How to Calculate Years of Service in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

Suppose you have an employee who recently resigned from your company. You want to calculate his/her years of service at your company. There are several ways to ...

How to Sum Multiple Rows and Columns in Excel

Summing up multiple rows and columns in Excel is important for many purposes. In this article, we will see different techniques on how to sum multiple rows and ...

How to Round to Nearest 1000 in Excel (7 Easy Methods)

Here's an overview of the different ways you can round numbers to the nearest 1,000. Let's dig into each option. Method 1 - Using Excel ROUND ...

How to Calculate Working Days in Excel Excluding Weekends and Holidays

Consider a dataset with start and end dates for employees, where we need to calculate how many working days they had. There are a few ways to do so. ...

How to Apply a Custom Number Format With Multiple Conditions in Excel

The following GIF shows that the custom number format is changing based on multiple conditions. Depending on the values you enter in the cell, the Delta or ...

How to Round Numbers in Excel Without Formula (3 Quick Ways)

This article will show you how to round numbers in Excel without using formula. You will get to see several processes to round up, round down, and chop off ...

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