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Hello! Welcome to my Profile. Here I will be posting articles related to Microsoft Excel. I have completed my BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh. I am a diligent, goal-oriented engineer with an immense thirst for knowledge and an attitude to grow continuously. Continuous improvement and life-long learning are my mottoes.

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In Excel, Deviation is a measure of how spread out your data is. A large deviation means that your data is more spread out; a small deviation means it's more ...

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Compound interest is the interest that’s calculated both on the initial principal of a deposit or loan and on all previously accumulated interest. Professor ...

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How to Lock and Unlock Cells in Excel Using VBA

Locking cells, columns, and rows in Excel allows you to protect your data. After protecting a worksheet, by default, every cell is locked. It means that they ...

How to Compare Two Columns or Lists in Excel (4 Suitable Ways)

While doing different tasks in Excel we often come across a situation where the matching and differences of two or multiple columns are required. It’s not a ...

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