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In this article, I worked with an Excel Weekly Meal Planner Template with Snacks. This template will be useful for office workers who want to make a proper weekly meal plan. You can edit the worksheets of your own to provide meals that you want to list.

Creating Name Ranges for Meals

Before working on the main worksheet. 5 name ranges were created in 4 different worksheets with the Name Manager feature of Excel under the Formulas tab. The worksheet Breakfast has a single name range which is Breakfast. Similarly, the worksheets Lunch and Dinner has the name ranges Lunch and Dinner respectively. The worksheet Sides, Desserts, and Snacks have two name ranges which are SidesandDesserts and Snacks. Each of the name ranges is created with many vacant cells, so after adding new meals to each list you don’t need to edit the name ranges.

Working with Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet

After creating the name ranges 4 sections were created for inserting the meal list for Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, and Deserts in each table. You can select 4 meals at a time in each of the sections. The Data Validation feature was used to create the dropdown list for selecting the meal from a list. Each of the tables in this worksheet carries the information of each day of the week. To indicate each day of the week, a Date and Day section is inserted with each table. Just insert the first day of the week and you will see all the rest of the dates get populated automatically. Before working with this worksheet, it is suggested that you should insert the First Day of the Week. An extra table is inserted in this worksheet where you can write down your grocery list for the whole week.


Hope this template will be a useful one for those who want to keep records of the meals of a week in their office. Please do comment in the comment section for suggesting to us how this template can be developed to make it more user-friendly.

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