How to Calculate Exponential in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

Last updated: September 26, 2023
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While working with Excel, users have to do different types of calculations. Some may be done manually, and some may require special Excel functions. One such operation is to calculate an exponential. Calculating exponentials in Excel is quite easy and simple. In this article, I will show you how to calculate exponential in Excel.

How to Calculate Exponential in Excel: 3 Easy Methods

In this article, you will see three easy methods to calculate exponential in Excel. First of all, I will use the caret operator to calculate the exponent of a given value. For the second and third methods, I will use two Excel functions named the POWER function and the EXP function, respectively.

To illustrate my article further, I will use the following sample data set.

3 Easy Methods to Calculate Exponential in Excel

1. Use Caret Operator

The first method includes the use of the caret (^) operator. By using this operator, you can increase a certain amount of the exponent of a specific value. By going through the following steps, you will be able to learn more about this procedure.


  • Firstly, look at the following image, where I have added an extra column beside the primary data set for showing the result.

  • Secondly, insert the following formula in D5 where I want to increase the value of cell B5 to the power of cell C5 using the caret operator.

Use Caret Operator as An Easy Method to Calculate Exponential in Excel

  • Thirdly, press Enter to get the desired result.
  • Then, with the help of AutoFill, drag the formula to the lower cells.

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2. Apply POWER Function

The second method of this procedure will deal with the application of the POWER function of Excel to calculate exponential. In the function argument, you will have to input the number and the power, respectively, to get the expected result. See the below-given steps for a better understanding.


  • First of all, to see the value of cell B5 in terms of the power of cell C5, type the following formula in cell D5.

  • Secondly, press Enter and drag the Fill Handle to see the result for all the values.

Apply POWER Function as An Easy Method to Calculate Exponential in Excel

3. Employ EXP Function

In the third procedure, you will see the employment of the EXP function. The use of this function is slightly different from the previous two methods. As, the function only raises the power of e, which is the inverse log in terms of mathematics. The value of e is approximately 2.71828. So, using the above-mentioned function, you can increase this value in terms of the preferred exponent. Let’s see the following steps to get a better insight.


  • Firstly, select the cell range D5:D10 and you will notice D5 is the active cell here.

  • Secondly, in cell D5, use the following formula.

  • Finally, press Ctrl + Enter together to get the desired values along the whole cell range at the same time.

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Things to Remember

  • You may need to change the cell format from General to Number if the result after using the exponent becomes too large.
  • The EXP function will work only for e, you cannot use the function for other values or numbers.
  • In the above discussion, I kept the exponents in different cells and used the cell reference in the formulas. Instead of doing that, you can directly input the exponent in the formula.

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That’s the end of this article. I hope you find this article helpful. After reading the above description, you will be able to calculate exponential in Excel. Please share any further queries or recommendations with us in the comments section below.

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