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I am Araf. I have completed my B.Sc in Industrial and Production Engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. Currently I am working as an Excel & VBA Content Developer in Softeko. With proper guideline and aid of Softeko I want to be a flexible data analyst. With my acquired knowledge and hard work, I want to contribute to the overall growth of this organization.

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    Hello Bombshellshock,
    You are absolutely correct. To expand the table by a row, click the row just below the table and enter your desired data. After inserting data press Enter and your job will be done.
    If this reply doesn’t give a proper answer to your problem, then send the Excel file to [email protected]. Moreover, you can find the Excel file here.

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    Hello Queda,
    If you want to add and subtract across an Excel spreadsheet, it means if you want to give a cell reference in your formula from another sheet, the formula will look like the following one.


    Without giving the proper sheet and cell reference, the formula won’t work or show an error. If this reply doesn’t give a proper answer to your problem, then send the Excel file to [email protected]. Moreover, you can find the Excel file here.

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