How to Link Excel to Google Sheets (with Easy Steps)

Many times while working in Excel, users need to link Excel files to Google Sheets. Performing this task is quite easy and simple. In this article, I will show you how to link Excel to Google Sheets.

How to Link Excel to Google Sheets: 4 Easy Steps

In this article, you will see four easy steps to link Excel to Google Sheets. For describing these steps, I will use the following sample data set.

4 Easy Steps to Link Excel to Google Sheets

Step 1: Prepare Excel File

  • In the first step, like the following image, save your Excel file with data into a specific folder and continue to the next step.

Prepare Excel File as An Easy Step to Link Excel to Google Sheets

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Step 2: Upload Excel File into Google Sheet

In the second step, I will upload the Excel file into a Google Sheet for the linking. For that,

  • Firstly, open Google Spreadsheet in any of your browser and select File.

  • Secondly, from the dropdown of File select Import.

  • Thirdly, you will see the Import File dialog box.
  • Then from the Upload tab of the box, choose Select a file from your device.

  • Fourthly, select the Excel file you prepare in the first step and then click Open.

Choosing Excel File to Upload Excel File into Google Sheet as An Easy Step to Link Excel to Google Sheets

  • Fifthly, choose to create a new sheet to show the data after uploading and then select Import data.

  • After that, you will able to import the file successfully and to see the file select Open now.

  • Consequently, my Excel file looks like the following image after uploading.

  • Lastly, copy the link of the sheet after uploading the Excel file into it.

Step 3: Link Excel File to Google Sheets Using Formula

The third step of this procedure will discuss the procedure for linking the uploaded Excel file of the previous step. To do that,

  • Firstly, open an empty Google Sheet and make fields for giving input of data.
  • Then, in cell C5, insert the following formula.
=IMPORTRANGE("","Test Score!C5:F5")

Inserting Formula as An Easy Step to Link Excel to Google Sheets

  • Here, the first part of the formula contains the link to the Google Sheeta from the previous step and the second part contains the sheet name of the Excel file and the specific cell range.
  • Secondly, press Enter and it will require permission to link the sheets.
  • Then, click Allow access.

  • Thirdly, you will find the cell range C5:F5 with the same value from the Excel file.

  • Moreover, change any value from the first row of data of the uploaded Excel file.

  • Consequently, it will change the value of the same cell in the newly opened Google Sheet.

Step 4: Show Final Outcome

This is the final step of this procedure. Here, you will be able to see the final outcome of this procedure.

  • Firstly, use the same formula in the cell range C6:C9.
  • Before pressing Enter, change the cell range in the formula for each cell.
  • Finally, the google sheet will get linked with the data from the Excel file.

Showing Final Outcome as An Easy Step to Link Excel to Google Sheets

Things to Remember

  • Remember to insert a double quotation sign in the formula in order to work the formula properly.
  • Using AutoFill for dragging the formula will show the same result as the first cell. You have to use a separate cell range for the formula in each cell range.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the free Excel workbook here and practice on your own.


That’s the end of this article. I hope you find this article helpful. After reading the above description, you will be able link Excel to Google Sheet. Please share any further queries or recommendations with us in the comments section below.

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