[Solved:] Copy Paste from Excel to Google Sheets Not Working

The article will show you the solution to the problem you may face when to copy and paste from Excel to Google Sheets not working. Although Chrome has updated in the best possible ways so that users don’t face any problems, copying cells from Excel and pasting them to Google Sheets has a few limitations. Let’s go through the following sections of the article to understand the solution.

Why Is Copy Paste to Google Sheets Not Working?

As of now, there can be mainly two situations when copy paste from Excel to Google Sheets is not working. A lot of issues were fixed by the recent updates. But we can face some problems if we don’t enable the Google Drive Offline options. Also, we can not copy a range and paste it as its transposed form in the Google Sheets. I’ll show you with details how to get rid of this problem.

Copy Paste from Excel to Google Sheets Not Working: 2 Solutions

Here is a dummy dataset that we will copy from Excel to Google Sheet.

copy paste from excel to google sheets not working

1. Enabling Google Drive Offline to Copy Paste into Google Sheets

You should keep the Google Docs Offline option enabled to allow copying and pasting cells from Excel to Google Sheet. Although Google enables this option by default for the users, it’s better to check if it’s disabled. Let’s go through the process below.


  • First, go to the Settings feature of Google Drive. You can find the Settings icon at the top right corner of the webpage.
  • After that, click on Settings.

Enabling Google Drive Offline to Copy Paste into Google Sheets

  • Next, check the Offline and click on Done.

After this command, you will face no problem in copying items from Excel to Google Sheets.

2. Copy and Paste as Transpose Range in Google Sheet

If you copy a range from Excel and paste it into Google Sheet as its transpose form, you have to do it manually in Google Sheet after copying the range from Excel. Let’s have a look at the description below.


  • First copy and paste the range from Excel to Google Sheet using the Copy & Paste commands (CTRL+C and CTRL+V).
  • After that, copy the range from the Google Sheet by selecting the range and pressing CTRL+C.

Copy Items from Excel and Paste as Transpose Range in Google Sheet

  • Next, right-click on any other cell of the Google Sheet and select Paste Special >> Transposed.

  • Thereafter, you can see that the range of cells from the Excel sheet turns to its transpose form in the Google Sheet.

Thus you can manually solve the issue of copy paste from Excel to Google Sheets not working.


In the end, we can consider that you will never face any issue of copy paste from Excel to Google Sheets not working after following the procedures of this article. If you have any better suggestions or questions or feedback regarding this article, please share them in the comment box. This will help me enrich my upcoming articles.

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