How to Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

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In day-to-day life, we often need cross-use data from different applications. Data fetching or importing from Microsoft Word to Excel or vice versa is a daily occurrence nowadays. As a result, users need to convert Word picture to Excel Table to insert or fetch necessary data. Unfortunately, Window’s PC versions of Microsoft Excel don’t support converting pictures to Excel data. However, Excel 365 for Mac, Excel for iPhone, Android, or Tablet support converting pictures to Excel data. After converting the picture into Excel data, we can simply modify the data as Excel Table.

Let’s say, we had specific data in Microsoft word in Table format or Text. Once we took picture of that data and now want to convert the picture into an Excel Table.

Dataset-Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

In this article, we demonstrate steps to convert Word picture to Excel Table.

Convert Word Picture to Excel Table: with Easy Steps

As we mentioned earlier, the Excel version of Mac, iPhone, Android, and Tablet offers the Image to Table option inside the Action features in the Microsoft Office Software or App. Microsoft Office is the packaged software or app for Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. We describe the process to convert Word picture to Excel Table in the latter section.

🔄 Using Microsoft Office App (Android/IOS) to Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

🔺 Open the Office App (you can download the app from Play Store or Apple App Store) from your phone (Android/IOS; pictures are taken using an Android phone). The Office App will take you Home as depicted in the below image. In the Home window, Select Excel > Click on Actions (situated below in the Home window).

Office App-Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

🔺 Office takes you to the Actions window. Select Image to Table under Convert text in images.

Image to Excel Table

🔺 Selecting Image to table opens up the Camera. You can snap a picture or select a previously snapped image (done in this case) to proceed.

Picture selection

🔺 The App takes a few moments to Extract the Table as shown in the below screenshot.

Extracting Table

🔺 After a while the data get loaded as a Table and the App offers to Copy or Open the data. You can Copy and then Paste the data into an Excel Worksheet. In this case, Select Open.

Open or Copy-Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

🔺 You can force open the data in Excel by clicking on Open Anyway. However, in this case, if you want to review the data before finally saving it; Click on Review all.

Review All

🔺 Afterward, the App allows you to check each entry. If you are not that interested in reviewing just click on Ignore.

Review Data

If you comfortable working with the Office App on your phone, you can check all the entries for errors. Otherwise, you can use PC versions of Excel to modify the saved file.

🔺 Finally, Microsoft Office loads all the data as shown in the below image. Also, it saves the file in your phone directory. Therefore, you can use the file to further modify your data.

Loaded Data

🔺 Use your phone or PC to modify the loaded data as Excel Table (i.e., Insert tab > Table). At last, your data look similar to the below image.

Excel Table-Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

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🔄 Using Excel for Mac (Software) to Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

Excel for Mac offers some additional features such as Data from Picture. Use the following steps to insert picture contents as Excel data.

🔼 Go to the file on your Mac, Select the respective Picture then Right-click on it. Afterward, Select the Copy Image option from the Context Menu.

🔼 Now, Open the Excel Application, and go to Insert > Data from Picture > Select Picture from Clipboard.

Mac-Convert Word Picture to Excel Table

🔼 Excel opens a side window named Data from Picture. There are Review, Insert Data, and Cancel options under the image. Select Insert Data to paste the data as Excel data. Afterward, modify the inserted data as Excel Table.

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Download Excel Workbook

You can practice with the used Word file.

Compare your outcome with the used Final Excel file.


In this article, we described the steps to convert Word picture to an Excel Table using the Microsoft Office App on Phone and Mac. Hope these mentioned ways help you to accomplish your desired outcome. Comment, if you have further inquiries or have anything to add.

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