78+ Best Excel Training Books to Learn Excel

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Are you new or advanced users of Excel? Searching for the best Excel training books? Don’t know which books are best to learn Excel? You’re in the right place.

I have listed the best Excel books category-wise so you can find suitable books for you.

Let me help you find the best route and best Excel books to succeed you in learning Excel.

Videos, podcasts, kindle versions of books, and online courses are the trend now. So, do you still need a book to learn Excel?

Yes! Of course!

You still need Excel books.

When I started using Excel, I tried many websites and lots of videos.

No doubt, I learned many useful uses of Excel!

But when I started with the series of Excel Bibles, I got the most of Excel and in a shorter time. As books are organized, and step by step.

So, when and how will you feel the necessity of an Excel book (on your topic) at your desk?


I see the whole learning process in the following steps.

For example, you want to master Data Analysis in Excel. What will be your steps?

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Step 1: Enroll in a Video Course

  1. Start with the best video course. Take suggestions from colleagues, seniors or take the help of Google. Udemy is a good place to buy online courses at a cheap price.
  2. Finished the video course? You’re only 10 – 20% done with the topics.

Step 2: Buy a Book

  1. Now grab a book for a detailed understanding of the data analysis topics. You will find instantly that many important data analysis topics are not covered in the video course. No worry.
  2. The book is not finished (I know). It need not to be finished.

Step 3: Problem Solving

  1. Now go to different forums, web pages (Stack Over Flow type communities) and try to solve the questions on Data Analysis with Excel.
  2. You will realize that you know nothing of data analysis using Excel
  3. Solve as many problems as possible. If your work is directly related to the topics you’re learning, you will master the skills faster.
  4. Facing any troubles? Get back to Books or Video Courses (YouTube or Paid Courses)

So, this is a loop.

Video courses for faster grabbing of the topics -> Books for detailed and faster references and generic problem solving -> Websites or communities for real-life problem-solving, sharing your knowledge, and learning new techniques from authoritative bloggers -> When you’re in troubles, learn from the books and videos.

So, the above ones are the steps I follow when I want to master something.

Seems nerdy?

OK. Learning and mastering something in a cool way that will really change your life and career, you have to learn it in a nerdy way 😛

So, you got my learning process.

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Lets now talk about the books I have listed here

These books are really cool.

Many websites just have listed the Excel books for listing.

But I did not do that.

I selected books very carefully.

What are parameters I have checked before listing a book?

  1. Book’s review on the site
  2. My own experience with the books (if it is read by me)
  3. Checking the author and publisher’s status
  4. Books referred by authoritative bloggers on Excel

So, if you want to buy a book, you can use my reference.

And I have listed the books category-wise for your easy pick.

Let’s start!

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Best Excel Book for Beginners

So, you’re a very beginner Excel user and searching for the best Excel books for beginners to start with. Here is the list …

Best books to learn excel 2016

Best books to learn excel 2013

Best books to learn excel 2010

Best books to learn excel 2007

Books on Excel Charts

Best Excel Book for Data Analysis

Best Excel Book for Advanced Users

Best Excel Macros (VBA) Books for beginners & advanced

Best Book on Financial Modeling in Excel

Books on Excel Table

Best Pivot Table Book

Best Excel Formulas Book

Best Excel Dashboard Book

Excel Books for Marketers

Excel for Scientists and Engineers

Business with Excel

Finance & Accounting with Excel

Statistics & Prediction

Best Power BI (business intelligence) books

So, this is my list. Pick your essential books and be an expert in your Excel topics.

Kind regards

Kawser Ahmed

B. N. If you know some books that should be on this list (not the junk ones), please put them in the comment box. I will check your entry and update my list.


Khan Muhammad Kawser
Khan Muhammad Kawser

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