How to Use Multiply Sign in Excel (Including 3 Alternatives)

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There is no direct multiply formula in Excel but no worries, there are other multiple ways to multiply in Excel. We can use Asterisk (*) which is called multiply sign and other 3 powerful methods to multiply in Excel.

Use of Multiply Sign (*, the Asterisk) for Multiplication in Excel

To explore this method, we’ll use the following dataset which contains some fruits’ quantity and unit prices. Now we’ll use Asterisk (*) to multiply the quantity and unit price for each item.

Multiply Sign (*, the Asterisk) for Multiplication in Excel

For that, I have added a new column named ‘Total Price’.

In Cell E5 type the following formula-


And actually, it’s the alternate to 10*2, we used cell reference instead.

Multiply Sign (*, the Asterisk) for Multiplication in Excel

After hitting the Enter button, you will get the output as shown below.

Then just drag down the Fill Handle icon to copy the formula for the other items.

Multiply Sign (*, the Asterisk) for Multiplication in Excel

Now all the items’ total price is calculated by using the Multiply Sign-Asterisk (*).

Multiply Sign (*, the Asterisk) for Multiplication in Excel

Alternatives to Multiply Sign for Multiplication in Excel

Instead of using the Multiply Sign-Asterisk (*), we can multiply numbers easily by using three alternative methods described below.

1. Applying PRODUCT Function to Multiply in Excel

Firstly, we’ll apply the PRODUCT function to multiply numbers. The PRODUCT function is the prime alternative of using Multiply Sign-Asterisk (*). Let’s find out the total price by using the product function.

Write the following formula in Cell E5


It will multiply the values of Cell C5 and D5, equivalent to 10*2. If you want to multiply three values of Cell C5, D5, and E5 then the formula will be =PRODUCT(C5,D5,E5).

Later, hit the Enter button to get the result.

PRODUCT Function to Multiply in Excel

You will get the same output as the output of using Asterisk (*).

Again use the Fill Handle tool to copy the formula.

Then you will get all the outputs.

PRODUCT Function to Multiply in Excel

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2. Inserting Excel SUMPRODUCT Function to Multiply

The SUMPRODUCT function is applied to multiply different arrays together and then it returns the sum of products. In the previous methods if we had to find the sum then we would have to use the SUM function to calculate the sum after multiplying. But the SUMPRODUCT function can do that two tasks at a time. Notice the following steps to do it.

In Cell D11 write the following formula-


Press the Enter button.

SUMPRODUCT Function to Multiply in Excel

Here’s the output of the sum-product-

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3. Using Paste Special Tool to Multiply in Excel

In our last method, we’ll use the Paste Special command in Excel to multiply. We can multiply a range of data by a constant value using the Paste Special command. Suppose, we have to pay 3% VAT for each item. So to find the amount of VAT for each item we’ll have to multiply the total values by 3%. Now let’s see how to do it using the Paste Special command.

To find the VAT I have added a new column.

Paste Special to Multiply in Excel

Firstly, copy the Total Prices in the new column using copy-paste.

Paste Special to Multiply in Excel

Now copy the VAT value from Cell C11.

Paste Special to Multiply in Excel

Later, select all the data from the new column and right-click your mouse.

Then press Paste Special from the context menu.

Paste Special to Multiply in Excel

After appearing the Paste Special dialog box, mark All from the Paste section and mark Multiply from the Operation section.

Finally, just press OK.

Now have a look that the whole column is multiplied by the value- 3%.

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Download Practice Workbook

You can download the free Excel template from here and practice on your own.


I hope the procedures described above will be good enough to use multiply sign in Excel. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section and please give me feedback.

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