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How to Enter Data for Analysis in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

In every business, it’s quite urgent to analyze the data to evaluate the condition of a business. It will help to determine the risks and take proper steps to ...

Balance Sheet Format for Construction Company in Excel

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How to Hide Gridlines on Part of a Sheet in Excel (2 Quick Ways)

By default, Excel shows gridlines in every worksheet. But we can turn it off or can hide it partially if we need. Excel has some features that we can use to do ...

How to Return TRUE or FALSE Using Excel AND Function

We often work with different conditions in Excel for accounting, business, or engineering purposes. And for that, we had to use some conditional functions ...

How to Add Draft Watermark in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

When we share any Excel file then someone can use that file under his name. But if we use a watermark then we can keep our copyright easily. There are several ...

How to Create a Macro Button in Excel (3 Quick Methods)

When we frequently use the macro in Excel for particular applications then it’s quite bothering or time-consuming to run the macro by opening the Macros dialog ...

How to Edit AutoComplete in Excel (4 Easy Methods)

Excel has some auto features which save a lot of time and give more speed while we are typing or inputting data. AutoComplete is one of them and we use it ...

How to Display Equation of a Line in Excel Graph (2 Easy Ways)

Imagine, someone has sent an Excel file with a chart, but the equation is not visible there and then you want to know and display the equation that is used to ...

How to Solve Nonlinear Equations in Excel (with Easy Steps)

There are many ways to solve different types of equations in Excel. But to solve the nonlinear equations, we had to use the Solver Add-in of Excel. This add-in ...

Excel Conditional Formatting Based on Past or Due Date

Finding out past due dates by highlighting them using Excel Conditional Formatting is quite time-saving, easy, and fast. There are a lot of ways to do it but ...

How to Merge Multiple Sheets in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

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How to Reverse X and Y Axis in Excel (4 Quick Methods)

While using Excel charts, we sometimes need to reverse or swap the X and Y axis for our dataset. Excel shows charts in a default order but offers different ...

How to Find Row Number Using VBA in Excel (4 Macros)

We can find row numbers in Excel using many ways but VBA offers more features and customizations. By which we can find row numbers in smart ways. Today this ...

How to Solve System of Equations in Excel (2 Easy Methods)

Are you finding ways to solve the system of linear equations in Excel and searching for the easiest guide? Then I think you have come to the right place. In ...

How to Replace Carriage Return with Comma in Excel (3 Ways)

If you have a lot of carriage returns in your dataset and finding ways to replace them all with commas then you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll show ...

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  1. Hello CJ, thanks for your feedback.

    Just skip the percentage if it doesn’t get relevant, the formula and procedures are the same.

  2. Hello JEMAIMAH OMAKEN, thanks for your feedback.
    Visit our site to explore more articles that will work on Excel 2013. As 2013 is not so older version so you will find no major differences.

  3. Hello Jane, thanks for your feedback.
    Yes, it’s possible, just add the column on the left and apply the commands as I applied.

  4. Hello ROY, thanks for your feedback. You have got a nice trick. I hope, it will help others.
    But if the reverse order affects the other calculation of any user then maybe the alternative methods are more feasible.

  5. Hello ANDY S, thanks for your feedback.
    I hope the following codes will be helpful for your problem.

    Sub Print_Button_for_DropDown()

    Sheets(“Data”).Range(“$B$4:$D$11”).AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:=Range(“F4”).Value

    End Sub

    Here, I have made a drop-down list in Cell F4 for the locations. Keep this cell in that sheet where the print button is located, that means the active sheet. You can change the reference and range in the codes according to your dataset.

  6. Hello JULIE, thanks for your feedback. Use the below code to fix that-

    Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    Static xRow
    Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
    If xRow “” Then
    With Rows(xRow).Interior
    .ColorIndex = xlNone
    End With
    End If
    Active_Row = Selection.Row
    xRow = Active_Row
    With Rows(Active_Row).Interior
    .ColorIndex = 7
    .Pattern = xlSolid
    End With
    End Sub

    *Or you can use an alternative way with the previous code, after opening the file, click on any cell on the previously highlighted row, and then only the active row will be highlighted.

  7. Hello JK,
    Thanks for your feedback. Your problem is quite rare and unique. So it’s difficult to detect this type of problem without the user’s Excel file. If you would share your file with us, then hopefully we could detect the issue and could give you the exact solution. But temporarily we are suggesting you use the SUM function within the TRIM function, we are showing you a sample formula:

    The TRIM function will remove all extra spaces. I hope, it will help you.

  8. Hello HERMAN,
    Thanks for your feedback. You can follow the articles given below to create a payroll format based on 15 days. The steps and format will be pretty same, hope it will help you.

  9. Hello KATHY,
    Thanks for your feedback. Would you please check whether your worksheet is protected or not? If not then your problem is quite specific. So if you would share your file with us then hope, we could find out the reason and provide a solution.

  10. Hi MICHAEL,
    Thanks for your feedback.

    To count the number of items associated with each title (according to to catalog id), use this formula: =COUNTIF($B$2:$B$27,B2)

    And to sum the total number of uses of each item associated with that same title, use this formula: =SUMIF($B$2:$B$27,B2,$D$2:$D$27)

  11. Hello Mat, thanks for your feedback. The problem you mentioned will need a complex formula. You will have to apply a formula like this:

  12. Hello HOPE, thanks for your feedback. To do that, place Private Sub Workbook_open() in a new module and then call the previous Sub within it. I hope, it will work.

  13. Hello Mahedi, thanks for your feedback. When you download the file then there’s no connection between your downloaded file and our uploaded file. So, no worries, your file won’t lose.

  14. Hello TONIA.
    Thanks for your feedback. Autofit doesn’t work in a protected sheet, so please check it. If it remains unprotected then your problem is a quite particular type. So if you would share your workbook with us, we hope to find out the problem and give you a possible solution.

  15. Hello, HPOTTER.
    Thanks for your feedback. We think your problem is very specific which is difficult to identify without the file. So, if you would share your Excel file with us then we could find out the issue and hope, we could give you a solution.

  16. You are welcome 🙂 Glad to know that it helped you.