How to Insert a Total Row in Excel (4 Easy Methods)

Total Row in Excel helps us to get a quick summary of different columns from a table. In this article, I’ll show you 4 easy and quick methods to insert a total row in Excel.

Let’s say we have a dataset of different items, their price, quantity purchased, and total price. Now we will insert a total row in this dataset and get the summary in this row.


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4 Methods to Insert a Total Row in Excel

1. Insert a Total Row from Table Design Tab

To insert a total row, first, you have to create a table with your data. To create a table select your data and then go to Insert > Table.

creating table

After that, a box named Create Table will appear. If the range matches with the range of your dataset and My table has headers, is checked, then click OK on this box.

table conformation box

Now, your data will be shown as a table.


After creating the table, you can easily add the Total Row to the table. Go to the Table Design tab and check on Total Row.

Insert a total row

After checking the total row you will see a new row named Totals has been created at the end of your table. It will by default show the summation of the last column.

insert a total row

Now you can get different kinds of information from the total Row. Suppose we want to know the Unit price (per KG) for all the items in the list. To perform the calculation, select the cell of the total row in the Unit price (per KG) column. Now a small downward arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and you will see the list of calculations you can perform in the total row.

total row calculation

You can also apply other functions by clicking on More Functions. However, To know the total Unit price we need to calculate the average Unit price of all items. So we need to select Average from the dropdown list.

After selecting Average, you will get the average of the column Unit Price (Per KG) in the Total Row.

average in total row

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2. Insert a Total Row by Keyboard Shortcut

You can also use the Keyboard shortcut to insert a total row, after creating a table. First, create a table following the beginning of Method-1.

Then select any cells of the table and press CTRL+SHIFT+T. As a result, the total row will be inserted at the end of the table.

insert a total row

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3. Total Row From Context Menu

Total Row can also be inserted from the Right Click Context Menu. Right click on any cell of your table, you can see a context menu will appear. Go to Table and expand it, then select Totals Row from this context menu.

insert a total row

After that, the Total Row will be inserted at the end of the table.

total row

You can also perform the other calculations as shown in Method 1 by methods 2 and 3.

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4. Insert a Total Row by Formula

You can also insert a total Row by manually creating a row in the table and applying the SUBTOTAL function in that row. First, type Total in the cell below the last cell of your table and press ENTER. It will automatically add a row at the end of the table.

adding row in table

Now type the following formula in cell D15 to get the total price,


Here, 9 indicates that the SUBTOTAL function will sum up the selected cells. And D6:D14 are the selected cells.


Press ENTER, you will get the total price for all items in cell D15.


You can use the SUBTOTAL function to make other calculations. For example to find the Average unit price, type the formula in cell B15,


Here, 1 indicates that the SUBTOTAL function will give the average of the selected cells. And B6:B14 are the selected cells.

Average from subtotal

Press ENTER, you will get the Unit price for all items in cell B15


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We can get the overview of a table from the total row. I hope now you can easily insert a total row in your Excel data table. If you face any kind of confusion, please feel free to leave a comment.

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