How to Use SmartArt Hierarchy in Excel (With Easy Steps)

Microsoft Excel is a powerful software. We can perform numerous operations on our datasets using excel tools and features. There are many default Excel Functions that we can use to create formulas. Many educational institutions and business companies use excel files to store valuable data. Sometimes, charts or graphs help us to realize certain data effectively. SmartArt Hierarchy charts are useful to represent the organizational structure, reporting, or the hierarchy that is present in every organization. This article will show you the step-by-step procedures to create and use SmartArt Hierarchy in Excel.

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Step by Step Procedures to Use SmartArt Hierarchy in Excel

Excel charts and graphs facilitate the analysis of survey results. Viewers can easily understand the information through these graphs. Similarly, the hierarchy charts are effective in presenting the organizational structure of a business or company. In this article, we’ll show how to insert a SmartArt Hierarchy chart into an excel worksheet. Then, we’ll show how to use the chart. For instance, we’ll consider a company where the CEO is the head, followed by the Project Manager. Under him, the Team Leader is in power. Lastly, 3 Writers work under the leader. Therefore, go through the following steps carefully to perform the task.

STEP 1: Insert SmartArt Hierarchy Chart

  • First, we need to insert our desired hierarchy chart.
  • For that purpose, select Insert ➤ Illustrations ➤ SmartArt.

  • Consequently, a dialog box will pop out.
  • There, go to the Hierarchy tab.
  • Then, choose the Organization Chart.

  • As a result, you’ll get the following chart.
  • You can input desired texts in the shapes by typing there.
  • Moreover, you can click the marked icon in the picture below.

  • As a result, a small dialog box will appear beside the chart.
  • You can also type your desired texts there.
  • The texts will automatically get inserted into the shapes.

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STEP 2: Input Data

  • Now, we’ll type the post names in the shapes.
  • In this regard, we’ll type the CEO and Project Manager respectively in the first two shapes.
  • See the below picture to understand better.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • Afterward, delete the three shapes that are below the Project Manager.
  • Next, select the Project Manager shape.
  • Then, choose SmartArt Design ➤ Add Shape ➤ Add Shape Below.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • Hence, it’ll return a shape under the Project Manager.
  • Type Team Leader there.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • Follow the above step to insert 3 shapes below the Team Leader.
  • Rename the shapes as Writer – 1, Writer – 2, Writer – 3.
  • Look at the following chart where the outcome is demonstrated.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

STEP 3: Modify Chart

In this step, we’ll show how to change the layout style and make other necessary changes to meet our required standards. So, learn the process.

  • Firstly, click the chart.
  • After that, choose SmartArt Design ➤ Change Layout ➤ Labeled Hierarchy.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • Moreover, go to the Change Colors section and pick your desired one.
  • In this example, we pick a color so that viewers can understand the distinct job positions.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • The below figure is our outcome.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • However, you can modify other settings too as per your liking.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

  • Again, you may need to move certain shapes to represent the promotion or demotion.
  • Similarly, you can swap positions between the shapes at the same level.
  • To do that, click the shape.
  • Then, go to the Create Graphic section in the SmartArt Design tab.
  • There, you’ll find the options to undertake necessary operations.

use smartart hierarchy in excel

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Final Output

After you’re done making your required changes, the chart is ready to be presented. The following SmartArt Hierarchy chart is our final output.

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Henceforth, you will be able to use SmartArt Hierarchy in Excel following the above-described procedures. Keep using them and let us know if you have more ways to do the task. Follow the ExcelDemy website for more articles like this. Don’t forget to drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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