How to Create a Bin Range in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

Here’s an overview of a histogram created by applying bin ranges.

how to create a bin range in Excel

Method 1 – Using the Built-in Histogram Chart Option (For Excel 2016 and Later Versions)


  • Create the worksheet. In our case, we put the exam marks of 20 students ranging from 10 to 100.

dataset fro create a bin range

  • Select the whole data range.

dataset fro create bin range

  • Go to the Insert tab and select Histogram from the options.

  • Here’s the stock histogram.

creating bin range in histogram

  • Right-click on the horizontal axis and select Format Axis.

  • Change the Bin width as needed. We chose 5 as Bin width.

  • Check the Overflow bin and Underflow bin and insert the values which the histogram will plot.

  • To add labels to the histogram, right-click on it and select Add Data Labels.

  • The frequency of each bin will be displayed on top of the bar.

creating a bin range in excel

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Method 2 – Using the Data Analysis Toolpak

Part 1 – Download the Data Analysis Toolpak

  • From File, select Options.

  • The Options window will pop up.

creating bin range using data analysis toolpak

  • Select Add-ins.
  • Choose Excel Add-ins in the Manage field and click on Go.

  • Select Analysis ToolPak and click OK.
  • You will get the Data Analysis option in the Data section.

Part 2 – Use the Data Analysis ToolPak to Create a Bin Range

  • Create the dataset with an extra column called Bins and enter the upper bin thresholds.

create bin using dat analysis toolpak

  • Go to Data and select Data Analysis.

  • Select Histogram from the window and select OK.

  • A Histogram window will pop up.
  • In the Input range, select the cells containing the data.
  • In the Bin range, select the Bins column. S
  • Select the Output range for the result.

  • Select OK and the histogram will show according to the bin ranges.

bin range create

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Method 3 – Create a Bin Range Using the FREQUENCY Function


  • Add columns for Bin Limit, Bin Label, and Bin Counts.
  • Fill up the Bin Limit cells with the upper limit of each bin range.
  • In Bin Label, put the Bin ranges.

create a bin range

  • Enter the following formula in the first cell for Bin counts (F5):
=FREQUENCY(C5:C24, D5:D14)

create bin range by frequency function

  • We have found the counts.

  • Select the data for Bin Label and Bin Counts.

  • Go to the Insert tab and select Column Chart and 2D Column.

creating bin range by frequency function in excel

  • Here’s the “histogram” chart.

creat bin range frequency function

Download the Practice Workbook

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