How to Calculate Utilization Percentage in Excel: 3 Methods

Method 1 – Calculate Utilization Percentage of Working Hours

✍️ Steps:

  • Select a cell (i.e. C6) where you want to get the utilization percentage in respect of working hours.
  • Type the following formula in that cell.


  • C4 = Working Hours
  • C5 = Hours Avail to Work

Formula to Calculate Utilization Percentage for Working Hours in Excel

  • Press ENTER, and the cell will show the utilization rate in decimal format. Find out the rate in a percentage format.
  • To convert decimal format to percentage format, just go to the Home tab> click Percentile Style from the Number group.

How to Calculate Utilization Percentage in Excel

  • Change the format and you will get the Utilization Percentage for the working hours of that company.

Method 2 – Calculating Utilization Percentage of Products

✍️ Steps:

  • Select a cell and apply the following formula to get the utilization rate. Dividing the output by the standard value will get you the utilization rate.


  • C4 = Toys Produced per Day
  • C5 = Standard Production per Day

Formula to Find Utilization Percentage for Products in Excel

  • Press ENTER and change the cell format to get the utilization percentage for products.

Method 3 – Labor Utilization Percentage in Excel


  • C4 = Labour Worked per Day
  • C5 = Total Workers per Day

Calculate Utilization Percentage for Labor in Excel

Dividing the available number of workers by the total number of workers will result in the utilization percentage for labor.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice book from the link below.

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