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ExcelDemy’s online Excel training modules offer expertly led video courses designed to build your skills at your own pace. Step-by-step, we will guide you through Excel fundamentals like working with different functions and formulas or creating Charts and Graphs, as well as train you on more advanced concepts like Pivot Tables and Statistical Data Analysis Tools.

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We offer a range of Excel solutions and guides catered to the needs of users at every level and profession.

Our premium Excel Services Division provides on-demand Excel consultancy services with Excel Formulas, Templates, VBA Projects, and so on. Our team of experts is waiting to deliver!

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Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user who wants to learn Excel, our free tutorials cover everything from basic formulas and data entry techniques to complex data analysis and automation with VBA.

Here are the most popular topics that you can start with:

Basic Excel Features

Formulas & Functions

Formatting & Visualization

Data Management

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Stay updated with the power of Microsoft Excel through our comprehensive articles and guides. Discover new tips, tricks, and features to optimize your Excel experience in our blog.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Excel with our carefully selected YouTube playlists. Access free video tutorials from our YouTube channel covering essential Excel skills, helpful tips, and advanced techniques presented by expert creators.

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With hundreds of active members, ExcelDemy’s Excel Forum is an active online community dedicated to Excel discussions.
In our Excel forum, users from beginners to experts ask questions, share templates & examples, and provide tips related to formulas, macros, dashboards, PowerQuery, VBA, and more, all moderated by a team of ExcelDemy experts.
We strive to be a well-organized forum that makes finding answers easy with focused threads on everything Excel, facilitating positive solutions.

Simplify Your Workflow with Our Free Excel Templates

Effortlessly organize and analyze data using our Excel templates. From small business solutions to inventory and project management, these Excel templates come with built-in formulas for tasks like budgeting and invoicing. Easily customizable to fit your needs, they save time and minimize errors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is ExcelDemy?

ExcelDemy is a comprehensive platform dedicated to serving the diverse community of Excel users. It offers free Excel tutorials in article and video formats, premium courses, forums, cheat sheets, templates, and exclusive services. It aims to support users at different skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

How Does ExcelDemy Ensure the Accuracy of Its Content?

ExcelDemy upholds a meticulous editorial process, including peer reviews by industry professionals, hands-on Excel expertise, and cross-checking with official Microsoft documents. Our commitment to accuracy and transparency ensures reliable information for our users.

How Does ExcelDemy Support Excel Users?

We support Excel users through our dedicated forum, providing free assistance via forums, comments, and email. Join our collaborative and helpful community to excel together.

Who Are the People Contributing to ExcelDemy?

Discover the passionate individuals contributing to ExcelDemy on our About page. Learn more about their expertise and dedication to empowering Excel users.

Can I Contribute Content to ExcelDemy?

Yes, you can contribute! We welcome collaborations and contributions. Reach out through our Contact page to discuss content collaboration and contribution opportunities.

What Is ExcelDemy’s Privacy Policy?

Review our commitment to your privacy on the Privacy Policy page. Your data security is our priority.

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