How to Change Data Labels in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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Charts or graphs are ubiquitous in Excel. Charts have lots of features to represent data most attractively. Of them, some features are compulsory, and some are optional. The Data label is one of them. This is not a mandatory feature. We can enable this feature manually. It helps to indicate the bars or lines of the graph to represent data adequately. This article will show how to add and change these data labels in Excel.

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Steps to Change Data Labels in Excel

We will show all the steps in detail of how to change data labels in Excel. First, we make a chart using information and then, add and change the data labels.

📌 Step 1: Add Chart in Excel

In this step, we will show how to add a chart in Excel using the required data.

  • This is our sample data. We will form a chart based on the data of the Week and the Sales columns.

  • Choose Week and Sales columns.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • You can choose any type of chart. We simply select Column Chart.

Add Data Chart in Excel

  • Look at the dataset.

Our required chart is ready.

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📌 Step 2: Add Data Labels

In this stage, the data labels are on the graph or chart.

  • Go to the chart.
  • Double click on any of the bars.
  • All the bars are in the editable mode now.
  • Press the right button of the mouse.
  • Choose Add Data Labels option from the Context Menu.

Add Data Labels

  • Look at the chart.

We can see the value of each bar is shown at the top of each bar.

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📌 Step 3: Change Data Labels

In this step, we will show how to change the Data labels.

  • Double click on any of the data labels.

Double click on any of the data labels. As a result, the Format Data Labels bar is shown here.

There are two major options Label and Text Options.

Change Data Labels

  • Now, click on the Label Contains field of the Label Options. There are several options to view.

We want to show a value to show with the existing data.

  • Check the Value From Cells option.
  • Afterward, the Data Lable Range window will appear.
  • Choose a range from the dataset.
  • Finally, press OK.

We also customize the separator between two data.

Change Data Labels

  • Look at the chart.

Both data are shown with the chosen separator.

  • After that, we want to change the position of the labels.
  • Go to Label Position from the Label Options.
  • Check the Inside End option.

The position has been changed successfully.

  • Now, Go to the Fill option and fill the data in a customized way.
  • Choose the Gradient Fill option.
  • Then, customize the color bars.

  • Finally, we will change the alignment of the data.
  • Go to the Size and Properties tab.
  • Click on the Text direction box.
  • And choose the desired rotation.

Change Data Labels

This is the way how we can change the data labels in Excel.

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In this article, we described the whole process of changing the data labels in Excel. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Please have a look at our website and give your suggestions in the comment box.

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