How to Fix If an Excel Chart Is Not Showing All Data Labels (2 Solutions)


Solution 1: Selecting Correct Data Label Reference to Display All Labels

Users normally insert Excel charts (Insert > Charts) and tick the data labels option to display all the data labels. However, some users may use the Value from Cells option to insert the data labels. In that case, they select a partial or incorrect range to insert the data labels. And in the end, they end up looking like the picture below.

Selecting Corrected Data Labels for Excel Charts


  • Click on the chart. The side Menu appears.
  • Click the Plus icon > Data Labels > More Positions.

  • The Format Data Labels side window pops up. You can see the Value from Cells option is ticked.
  • Click on the Select Range.

Data Label Range dialog box displays the assigned range. And from it, you can say that the range is partial or incorrect.

  • Assign the correct data label range, and click OK.

Corrected Data Labels Reference to Display All Data Labels in Excel Charts

Excel inserts all the data labels as it should, as shown in the image below.

Alternative to the steps, users can simply display all the data labels by applying Data Callout.

Data Callout

Solution 2: Changing Data Label Color and Position to Show All Data Labels

Often, users use the same data label font and chart color unconsciously. Also, they position the data label inside the Charts’ Elements. Therefore, it’s difficult to see the data labels, or they are not clearly visible.

Changing the Data Label Color and Position to Show All Data Labels


  • Click on the Plus icon > Data Labels > Choose Outside End.

  • Select all the data labels and then right-click on them.
  • Choose Font from the Context Menu options.

Font Color

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  • Excel opens the Font window.
  • Select a color as the Font color (here, White is chosen).

Displaying Excel Chart Data Labels in Different Colors

Selecting a different font color results in displaying all the data labels.

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