How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables (With Quick Steps)

One of the most efficient tools for visualizing data in Excel is the line graph. It helps to demonstrate various datasets in a simple form which allows the audience to understand the information more clearly than typical number tables. Let’s get to know the line graph a little more and learn how to make a line graph in Excel with 2 variables in quick steps.

Line Graph (Charts) in Excel

In easy words, the line graph is the method to visualize data through straight lines connecting data points. It consists of two axes. The horizontal axis or X-axis holds the independent data, mostly the time period which is constant. On the other hand, the vertical axis or Y-axis represents variable data. A line graph can also illustrate negative values by dropping the line down through the horizontal axis. In a nutshell, the line graph is the visual representation of the quantitative dataset.

Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables: Step-by-Step Guidelines

Now we will make a line graph in Excel with 2 variables. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

Step 1: Prepare Dataset

The first and foremost thing to make a single line graph in Excel is to prepare a proper dataset. For example, we have prepared a dataset of a company’s sales and profit in the first half of a year.

  • Insert the time period on column B as it is the independent data that are fixed.
  • In columns C and D, place the data that is variable.

How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables

Step 2: Select Data to Make Line Graph

  • At this step select the whole dataset that you want to include in the line graph.

How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables

Step 3: Create Line Graph in Excel

  • Now, go to the Insert tab from the ribbon in Excel.
  • Click on Line Chart from the Charts section.

How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables

  • After this, you will see a drop-down section with multiple options of line graphs to choose from. Select any one of your preferences.

How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables

  • That’s it, we completed our task to make a Line Graph in Excel with 2 variables.

How to Make Line Graph in Excel with 2 Variables

  • Don’t forget to name your line graph after this.

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Customize Line Graph in Excel

So as we have our line graph now, we can explore different options to customize it. Let’s have a quick look at the features to edit the line graph in Excel.

1. Add Chart Element

Chart Element helps to define the Line Graph more accurately with gridlines, bars, axes, etc. Let’s see how to use this component.

  • First, select the line graph and it will result in opening a new Chart Design tab.
  • After that, click on the Add Chart Element.

Customize Line Graph in Excel

  • Then, select any of the options from the drop-down section.

  • Another way is to click on the Chart Element icon beside the Line Graph to select any chart element.

2. Change Style and Color

You can decorate the Line Graph with a variety of colors and chart styles from this section.

  • From the Chart Design tab, you can change the color and line graph style from the Chart Styles section.

Customize Line Graph in Excel

  • You can also find the same feature on the right side of the graph.

3. Edit Data in Line Graph

This tool will help you to make any modification in the dataset even after completing a whole Line Graph.

  • First, click on Select Data from the Chart Design tab.

Customize Line Graph in Excel

  • After that, It will open a new window called Select Data Source.

Customize Line Graph in Excel

  • From here, you can edit data however it is required.
  • Another way is to select the filter icon on the right side of the line graph and edit it the way you need.

  • There are endless options to customize your dataset apart from the above features. Give it a try and explore.

Advantages of Line Graph in Excel

  • Line Graph is a clean and neat tool to represent your dataset.
  • It makes it easier to visualize multiple sets of data at the same time.
  • It makes relevant information compact and clear to its viewers.

Things to Remember

  • It is better to avoid the Line Graph if you are working on a large dataset because it will create confusing graph formation.
  • A line graph is not suitable for data with percentages. Instead of that, you can use Chart.
  • Make your dataset without any blanks. Otherwise, Excel will not create any Line Graph for missing data.

Download Workbook

Get the sample workbook here for practice.


In the end, we hope that it was a helpful article for you to learn how to make a line graph in Excel with 2 variables. We also tried to benefit you with some additional editing features. Download the practice workbook and try it on your own.

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