How To Select All Rows to Below in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

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While using an Excel dataset we may need to select an entire row below a specific cell. Sometimes we may need to select some of the columns in a row. Whatever the case there are plenty of ways to do that in Excel. Here we will provide some basic easy ways to select all rows from below in Excel.

In this section, we are going to show you 3 effective methods of selecting all the rows below a particular point. To show the methods we’re using a fruit store’s dataset having different fruit information.

how to select all rows below in excel

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts To Select All Rows to Below in Excel

In this method, we’ll select rows below a particular point using keyboard shortcuts. Here, we’ll select rows below the shop name, “Tonny’s Fruits Store”. Let’s see the procedure.

Step 1: At first we need to select the cell whose rows we want to select. In our case the cell is B5.

selecting a row

Step 2: Then we use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow keys and all the rows having the same column of B5 will be selected.

selecting all rows with keyboard shortcut

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Method 2: Selecting All Rows to Below Using Mouse Pointer (Autofill Feature)

In this method, we will select all the fruit names in the Fruit column of “Tonny’s Fruit Store” which are in column B. We will use the mouse pointer to do the task this time. Let’s see the procedure.

Step 1: Select the desired cell in our case which is B5.

Step 2: Take the mouse cursor to the lower right corner. The cursor pointer will change to a + sign (Fill Handle).

Step 3: Left-click the mouse and drag it to the bottom up to where we want to select.

selecting all rows with mouse pointer

Step 4: At the bottom of the selected cells there’ll be an option. We need to select that and choose the option Fill Formatting Only.

selecting all rows with mouse

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Method 3: Using One Click for Selecting Entire Row

In this method, we will select the entire Column which consists of several rows with just one click of the mouse. Let’s jump to the amazing method.

We need to select the column whose all rows we want to select.

select all rows below a column

How to Select All Rows in a Table in Excel

We talked about selecting several or all rows of a table. We can use a similar technique to select several or all the columns of a row. Let’s see the method.

Step 1: We need to select the cell from which our selection will start.

select all rows below in a table

Step 2: Then we need to press the SHIFT+ DOWN/RIGHT Arrow keys to adjust up to the point where we want to end the selection.

slecting all rows below a table

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Here several methods of selecting entire or partial rows below a specific cell of a dataset in Excel are given step by step. Hopefully, it will help you to use Excel in an efficient way. If you face any problems following the methods or if you have any queries please let us know in the comment section.

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