How to Make a Single Line Graph in Excel (A Short Way)

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a single-line graph in Excel and some other tips related to Excel charting.

Line charts are useful for showcasing trends over time, while they may look similar in some ways to x-y scatter plots, the main difference with line charts is that the horizontal axis is an equally spaced category axis.

So, let’s get started with a simple example to demonstrate how to create a line chart and the type of data that can be showcased effectively, using a line chart.


A social media marketer is evaluating the number of videos his company has uploaded to YouTube over a five-year period. He decides to present the data using a line chart since years are equally spaced.

The source data is shown below.

How to make a single line graph in Excel Image 1

How to Make a Single Line Graph in Excel (Step by Step)

# Creating the Line Graph

1) First things first, select the data needed as shown below.

How to make a single line graph in Excel Image 2

2) Go to Insert > Charts > click on the drop-down arrow next to Line Chart and select 2-D Line, Line as shown below.

Line Chart in Excel

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# Formatting the Line Graph

3) With the Chart selected, go to Chart Tools > Design > Chart Styles and select Chart Style 2 as shown below, in order to quickly format the chart.

Change Chart Theme

4) Select the grid lines as shown below and press delete.

Create a line chart in Excel

Make a line graph in Excel

5) Select the Chart Title and type Number of YouTube Videos Uploaded Over the Five Year Period.

Make a line graph in Excel Image 3

6) Select the Chart Title and decrease the font size, by going to Home > Font and change the font size to 12.

Make a line graph in Excel Image 5

And there you have it, a line chart created in a few easy steps.

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Download Working File



Line charts are used to showcase or display trends over time. The horizontal or category axis is equally spaced and equidistant. Line charts are quite simple to create, format, and understand.

Please feel free to comment and tell us if you use line charts extensively in your spreadsheets.

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