Excel Solver Guide (Easy and Step by Step)

It is a complete Excel solver guide for you. Actually, it is a list of articles that explain the topic in easy language and step by step. Follow these articles step by step, you will be able to solve complex problems using Excel Solver.

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Let’s talk about two real-life problems before I am helping you out to solve these types of problems using Excel Solver.

Mathematical Problem:

4x+ y– 2z= 0
2x– 3y+ 3z= 9
–6x– 2y+ z= 0; Find out the values of x, y, and z.

In your school life, you solved a problem like the above one, right?

Business Problem:

Now you are matured. You do business or you work for a business; if you are not a full-time blogger like me, though blogging is also like running a small business. Say your company is SOFTEKO and you guys produce three products: Product A, Product B, and Product C. Your company’s profit profile are like below table:

Product Units/Day
Profit/Unit Profit/Day
Product A 25 $13 $325
Product B 25 $18 $450
Product C 25 $22 $550
Total 75 $1325

From the above table, it is clear that to maximize the profit you should produce only Product C as it generates the highest per-unit profit. But let’s add some more conditions for producing those products.

  1. The production capacity of your company is 500 units per day.
  2. Your company has to produce 100 units of Product A as your company has that amount of order.
  3. Your company has to produce 80 units of Product B.
  4. And the sales of Product C are not so high, so your company is not interested to produce more than 50 units of Product C per day.

Now your head is jammed, right? You don’t know how much you will produce Product A and Product B when the production of Product C is fixed to less than or equal to 50.

In the above two cases, you can use the Excel Solver add-in.

Step by step guides on Excel Solver

I have made some step by step tutorials that will teach you how to use Excel Solver to solve the type of above problems:

  1. Reverse What-If Analysis in Excel.
  2. How to Use Solver in Excel (Solving Linear Programming Problems)!
  3. A simple Solver example in Excel.
  4. Solving simultaneous linear equations in Excel using Solver.
  5. Minimizing shipping costs in Excel using Solver.
  6. Allocating Resources in Excel using Solver.
  7. Optimizing an investment portfolio using Excel Solver.
  8. Excel Solver with a Case Study [Rate Your Sports Team]
  9. Solving equations in Excel (polynomial, cubic, quadratic, & linear)

If you follow the above tutorials step by step, you will be able to solve a huge number of mathematical and business-related problems using Excel Solver.

Happy Excelling 🙂

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