[Fixed!] Excel Ruler Not Showing (With Easy Solution)

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While working in Excel, we may want the Ruler to show up on the top and left side of the worksheet. It helps to resize the Row Height or Column Width precisely as we wish. But in the typical Excel sheet view, the ruler doesn’t appear automatically. We can fix it easily. In this article, I will show the easy solution to fix the problem if the ruler in Excel not showing automatically.

The Function of Ruler in Excel

The Ruler is the scale that remains present on top of Row and on the left side of  Column in an Excel worksheet. It helps to determine the exact Row height or Column Width. The measurement scale of the Ruler can also be changed to different units as per our requirement. In the normal view of Excel, the ruler is not present. But we can easily fix that by following simple steps.

What to Do When Excel Ruler Is Not Showing: Step-by-Step Solution

In the normal view of the Excel sheet, the Ruler is not present. If we check on the View tab, we will see the Ruler option is greyed out like in the picture below, which means we can’t select it. No need to worry, we have an easy solution for the problem. In this section, I will show the solution with easy steps when Excel Ruler is not showing.

Excel Ruler Not Showing

STEP 1: Activate the Worksheet

  • For showing the Ruler in Excel sheet, we have to open an Excel sheet first. For the demonstration purpose, I have introduced a dataset having Player and Goal in Match 1, Match 2 and Match 3.
  • In the worksheet, we won’t see the Ruler on top or left side of the worksheet.

Activate the Worksheet

Note: There’s no Ruler present in the worksheet.

STEP 2: Select View Tab

  • Now, for showing the Ruler in Excel we need to select the View tab in the Excel ribbon.
  • Therefore, we will see some features of the View tab.
  • Moreover, we will see the Ruler option is greyed out.
  • No need to worry. I will show the solution for activating the Ruler option in the following steps.

Select View Tab

STEP 3: Find Page Layout

  • So that our active sheet is in Normal View mode, we can’t select the Ruler option.
  • For activating the Ruler option, we have to select the Page Layout in the View tab too.
  • Now, we will see the Ruler option is not greyed out anymore.

Find Page Layout

STEP 4: Select Ruler

  • Finally, as the Ruler option is activated we need to put a tick mark on the Ruler option.

  • Consecutively, we will see the Ruler appear on the top and left side of our active worksheet.

Excel Ruler Not Showing Solution

  • Hurrah! We have successfully included the Ruler on the top and left side of our worksheet.
  • Therefore, we can change the size of any cell or column as well as any row with a definite length as the Ruler is present on the left side.

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How to Change Unit of Ruler in Excel

In the previous section, I have shown the procedure to show the Ruler in Excel. The measurement scale of the Ruler is Inches. But we may want to change the Ruler measurement changed to another unit. It’s quite simple to change the unit of the Ruler. Please, follow the steps given below for changing the Ruler unit.

  • Firstly, we have to select the File option on the top left corner of the Excel ribbon.
  • Afterward, from the expanded window we select the Options which is at the bottom of the list.

How to Change Unit of Ruler in Excel

  • Further, from the Excel Options window select the Advanced option.
  • Later on, scroll to the Display section on the right side of the window.
  • In addition, select the drop-down icon beside the Ruler Units option.
  • Furthermore, select the ruler unit as you require. I have chosen Centimeters as the new ruler unit.
  • Finally, press OK.

  • Now, come back to the worksheet and we will see the Ruler Unit changed to Centimeters.

Note: Obviously, you can change the Ruler Unit to Default Units or Inches or Milimeters in the same way.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here to exercise.


The Ruler in Excel is quite useful for measuring the size of any Cell or Column Width or Row Height from a worksheet. In this article, I have shown the solution with easy steps if the Ruler in Excel is not showing. I hope, this article will help you to show the Ruler in the active worksheet. If you have any queries about the procedure, feel free to make comments below.

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