How to Hide Cell Contents in Excel Formula Bar (5 Methods)

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If you are looking for some easy ways to hide the cell contents in the Excel Formula Bar then this article will be helpful for you. Here, we’ll demonstrate to you several ways to do the task effortlessly. Let’s get into the article.

Hide Cell Contents in Excel Formula Bar: 5 Easy Ways

There are 5 ways to hide the content of Excel formula bars. Here, we will show how each method works effectively. Along with that, we will show different cases where you might want to hide the formula bar content and also hide the cell contents.

Method-1: Hide Formula Bar Contents of a Range of Cells

Here, In the following table, the total price is calculated using the SUM function, and the formula appears in the Formula Bar.

cell contents in Excel formula Bar

Now, we want to remove the content from the Formula bar and to do so, first, we have to select the entire cell contents like the following picture.

When we right-click on the selected entire cell contents, a context menu will appear in front of us, we need to select the Format Cells option from there.

After clicking on the Format Cells option a Protection bar appears. And we have to click on the Protection bar. This bar generally contains one marked Locked box and one unmarked Hidden box.

We have to mark this Hidden box and click OK.

Marked Hidden bar to hide content in Excel formula bar

After doing so, We have to select the Review tab and a Protect Sheet will be there.

After clicking on the Protect Sheet, a box will arrive where we have to give a password. After giving the password, we have to click OK.

Protect sheet password to hide formula bar content

A Reenter password box will appear and we have to give the password again and click OK.

Now, we will be able to see that the content in the Formula Bar does not appear.

Formula Bar Content does not appear

Method-2: Hiding Formula Bar Content for Only One Individual Cell 

In this method, we want to hide the content in the Formula Bar for only the D5 cell.

Formula bar content for single cell

First, we will click on the selected cell. After that, we will click on the Font setting which is on the Home tab group.

A Format Cells box will appear, and from there we will click on Protection.

Then, we have to mark the unmarked Hidden box and click OK.

After that, we have to go to the Review tab, and from there, we have to select the Protect Sheet.

Review tab and protect sheet

We have to give a password and click OK.

We have to Re-enter the password and click OK.

Finally, We will be able to see that the content in the Formula Bar for the D5 cell is hidden.

Hidden Excel formula bar content for single cell

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Method-3: Hide the Formula Bar Content by Using Keyboard Shortcut

In this method when we use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+F), the Format Cells dialog box appears.

Formula bar content hide Using keyboard shortcut

From this, we can select the protection option. After that, we have to follow one of the described methods ( Method1 or Method2), and we will be able to hide the Formula Bar contents.

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Method-4: Hide Excel Formula Bar Contents by Using View Tab

The method we’re going to show you here may not what you are looking for, but may come in handy at times. In this method, we have to select the View tab, and from there, we will see a marked Formula Bar.

Formula Bar content hide Using view tab

This will hide the Formula Bar itself, no Formula Bar no contents in the Formula Bar.

Hiding Formula Bar using View tab

This is a very effective way if we do not want to see the Formula Bar at all.

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Method-5: Hiding the Excel Cell Contents 

Here, we want to hide the content from cell C6.

Hide content of a cell

First, we have to right-click on the selected C6 cell, and we have to select the Format Cells option.

After that, we have to select the Number option, and from the Number option, we have to select the Custom option.

In the Custom option, we will see a Type bar, and we will type “ ;;;”. Then we will click OK.

Finally, we will see that the content in cell C6 does not appear; however, we can see the cell content in the Formula Bar.

Hidden cell content

Then, you need to follow any of the earlier stated 4 methods to hide the contents from the Formula Bar.

Formula bar Content is hidden along with cell content

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Here, we tried to show you some easy ways that will help you hide the cell contents of the Formula Bar. We hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us in the comment section.

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