How to Shift Cells Down in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

In this tutorial, you will get 5 easy ways to shift cells down in excel in a simple language including the illustration of a few real-life examples of its application.

How to Shift Cells Down (5 Easy Ways)

i. The Keyboard Shortcut

If you need an efficient and time-saving way, this shortcut will match your demand perfectly. It varies whether you’re on Windows or Mac.  For Mac, hold down the option key while pressing the return key. The following steps are for windows:

    1. Select the cell or cell range
    2. Press the shortcut ALT+ENTER
    3. The result is shown

The keyboard shortcut for shifting cells down

ii. Right-Clicking

Right-clicking, also called secondary clicking, refers to pressing the right button of the mouse. It makes workflow faster and reduces the time spent looking over a tab or ribbon. The following steps for shifting cells down using right-clicking should be followed:

  1. Select the cell or a collection of cells (cell range)
  2. Click the right mouse button
  3. Choose the Insert option
  4. Now pick the Shift Cells Down option
  5. At last press Ok

Right-clicking for shifting cells down

iii. Using the Insert Option from Home Tab

Here, you may proceed with the following steps:

  1. Select the cell or cell range
  2. Pick the Insert option from the ‘Home’ ribbon
  3. Choose the option Shift Cells Down
  4. Enter Ok option
  5. You will get the result

Using Insert option from Home Tab

iv. Copy a Cell and Insert Copied File

The following steps are required to carry out this way:

  1. Select the cell or cell range and copy the selected cell by pressing CTRL+C
  2. Pick the option Insert Copied Cells from the ‘Home’ tab
  3. Choose Shift Cells Down
  4. Click Ok
  5. The result is shown

Copy a cell and insert copied file_

v. Shifting Horizontal Cells Downward

Sometimes you may require to shift a collection of horizontal cells (also called row) down in a row. For this you have to follow the following procedures:

  1. Select the row
  2. Click the right button of the mouse and choose the Insert option
  3. Pick the Entire Row option
  4. Then enter the Ok button
  5. The result is found.

Shifting Horizontal Cells Downward


It’s crucial to shift cells down in an efficient way. Now you have these ways, you’ll have no trouble shifting cells down. Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for our next post. If you have any queries or opinion, please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Alt+enter worked for me, but then a few hours later it doesn’t. When I press alt+enter it either opens a new book or closes the current one. Then I restarted my laptop and now it doesn’t do anything

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