How to Insert Row in Excel ( 5 Methods)

The corporate world is dynamic and changing fast along with the expanding technology. Keeping track is important to analyze the changes and plan accordingly. For this, a database plays a vital role. Excel is one of the most famous platforms to create and maintain a database. Maintaining a database involves continuous updating. Adding rows to create a new place for expanding the database is a common thing. This article explains some common methods of how to insert row in Excel.

5 Methods of How to Insert Row in Excel

In order to explain some of the common methods of how to insert a row in Excel, we have created a dataset. For the dataset let’s consider a multinational company that is growing faster. The company maintains a database of its employees. The dataset of the name of departments, employee names, joining dates, and total working days of individuals has been shown.

Dataset for explaining how to insert row in Excel

Along with the growth of the company it is also hiring new employees to expand their company and maintain proper work distribution and also keep their clients happy with their work. For this reason, the company needs to add new rows in their dataset to keep the details of newly hired employees.

Here you can download the dataset Excel file for practice.

Now, we will see the common methods of how to insert a row or multiple rows in Excel.

1. Insert New Row with Mouse Click

An easier way to add a new row is using the mouse. This method requires the following steps:

  • Select the row before which you want to add a new row.

Let’s say the company wants to add a new employee to the general management department and so row 7 has been selected here. Using mouse click to add new row

  • Right-click and select INSERT from the drop-down menu.

 Right click insert using mouse

The result will create a new row in the dataset.

 Right click insert using mouse

We can see that row 7 contains a new row now.

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2. Multiple New Rows Using the Mouse

We can also insert multiple new rows at a time. The steps are the same as the above method except that here you have to select multiple rows. Let’s consider that the company is hiring 3 more employees in the Purchase department and so it requires 3 new rows in the dataset. We have to select rows 23 to 25 here.

Adding multiple row using mouse

Then repeat the next step of right-clicking and selecting insert we will get 3 new rows before the selected rows.

3. New Row before the Non-Adjacent Rows

To insert new rows before the non-adjacent rows you have to follow the following steps:

  • Select the non adjacent rows while pressing CTRL on the keyboard.
  • Repeat the second step of method 1.

Let’s assume the company wants to add new rows before rows 7, 15, 22, 24 because they want to add employee details hired in the general management, finance, purchase and research & development departments.

Selecting from non adjacent rows

CTRL+Non adjacent rows

Then, following the mentioned methods the company dataset will be ready with new rows to work with.

Clicking insert for row in non adjacent rows

Result with new rows for non adjacent rows

We can see, the result shows new rows in the required places.

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4. Insert New Row Using Keyboard Shortcut

Inserting a new row is also possible using a keyboard shortcut.

Firstly, select the row before which you want to insert a new one. For example, the company hired a new employee in the purchase department and so row no. 22 has to be selected.


Selecting row to apply keyboard shortcut

Now Press I and then R while pressing ALT. The result will create a new row before the selected one which is shown below.

Result using keyboard shortcut


Note: For multiple rows, you can press CTRL, SHIFT and “+” [For MAC: press “^”+”I”] all together and repeat the process for the number of rows you want to create.

5. Manual Way to Insert New Row

Besides all the easier ways, you can also use the manual way using the Home ribbon.

You can follow the following steps for the manual way to insert row.

  • Select the row before which you want to create a new row. For this case, let’s assume the company hired a new employee in the sales department. So you have to select row no. 18.

Selecting row to apply manual method

  • Then, from the Home ribbon select Insert.


Finding Insert from Home Ribbon

Here you can directly select insert and the work will be done.

Again, you can choose the options Insert Cells or Insert Sheet Rows. Either of them will also bring up the same result.

Choosing options from insert button

The final result will look the same as below.

New row created using manual process

Things to remember

You have to remember that you have to select the row before which you want to insert new rows.


The article explains some of the most common methods of how to insert a row or multiple rows in Excel. You can complete your task of inserting a new row in your dataset by following the steps precisely.

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