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SYEDA FAHIMA NAZREEN is an electrical & electronics engineer who loves exploring Excel and VBA programming. To her, programming is a time-saving tool for dealing with data, files, and the internet. She's skilled in Proteus, MATLAB, Multisim, AutoCAD, Jupiter Notebook, and MS Office, going beyond the basics. With a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from American International University, Bangladesh, she's shifted gears and now works as a content developer. In this role, she creates techy content exclusively focused on Excel and VBA. Beyond the tech stuff, catch her lost in books, explore new places during travels, and enjoy movies and TV series in her downtime.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from American International University, Bangladesh.


Proteus, MATLAB, Multisim, AutoCAD, Jupiter Notebook, MS Office, Excel & VBA


  • Intern at Dhaka Electricity Supply Company Limited DESCO, Bangladesh.

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