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Hello People! This is Syeda Fahima Nazreen. I have completed my Bachelors in Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I love to do research and work anything related to technology which includes research and development. I feel great to share my knowledge with you people and your thoughts and opinions about my writing is highly appreciated by me.

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In this article, we will learn how to highlight duplicates in Excel, find duplicates, and remove the duplicates in Excel. This option is quite basic but still ...

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Database maintenance frequently requires summing up based on criteria. Summing two values based on criteria is one of them. The article will explain a method ...

How to Convert Number (YYYYMMDD) to Date Format in Excel

You might have the date in your dataset in a format like YYYYMMDD (e.g., today’s date is 20211128) or, as the count of total days since January 1, 1900 (e.g., ...

Cumulative Sum in Excel If Condition Applied (6 Methods)

Cumulative summation is one of the most used operations throughout the world to keep track of data related to similar things. Cumulative summation helps to see ...

How to Apply Formula Based on Cell Color in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

You might have a colorful dataset and you would like to use the cell color to work with the Excel formula. Excel has a lot of amazing bunches of formulas to ...

How to Use SUMIFS Function with Wildcard in Excel (3 Examples)

In Microsoft Excel, the SUMIFS function is used to evaluate the sum from a range of cells under multiple conditions. Adding the wildcard feature can make this ...

How to Sum If a Cell Contains Criteria (5 Suitable Examples)

Summing up is one of the common things needed daily. While the usual summation is lengthier for large datasets, summation based on criteria is a more critical ...

How to Use INDEX MATCH with Multiple Criteria in Excel (3 Ways)

Excel datasets are used to keep records of information. Searching for information from large datasets can be time-consuming. Excel has some useful formulas to ...

How to VLOOKUP and SUM Across Multiple Sheets in Excel

In general, corporate databases are usually complex and contain multiple worksheets in workbooks. However, you might like to work with ease and be able to ...

How to Remove Special Characters in Excel?

Many times the database contains some special characters that we do not need in the database, and we want to remove them. We can easily perform this task with ...

How to Find Case Sensitive Match in Excel (7 Ways)

When you have a database with case-sensitive values, you might need to match those. Excel has some amazing formulas to match case-sensitive values. The article ...

Example of Mixed Cell Reference in Excel (3 Ideal Types)

Any Excel worksheet is made of numerous cells. These cells are referenced based on their row or column position for calculation. There are 3 types of cell ...

How to Find First Occurrence of a Value in a Range in Excel

In the corporate world, we are used to seeing databases where a few things occurred more than once. One may want to find out the first occurrence of a value in ...

How to Count Empty Cells in Excel (4 Suitable Ways)

Many times, the database might contain empty cells. One would like to count the empty cells. Microsoft Excel has some amazing formulas and tools to do it ...

Lookup Value in Column and Return Value of Another Column in Excel

The corporate world works with huge datasets. Microsoft Excel has made their work easier through various formulas to maintain the datasets with ease. However, ...

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