How to Fix Excel Cells Not Being Able to Move: 5 Solutions

Solution 1 – Disabling Scroll Lock in Excel


  • Right-click on the Status bar at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Select Scroll Lock to turn it off.

unable to move cells in excel.

Solution 2 – Using the Keyboard to Turn Off Scroll Lock


  • Press the Scroll Lock

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Solution 3 – Utilizing the On-Screen Keyboard


  • Press the ‘Win+R’ keys to access the Run command.
  • Enter OSK.EXE in the search field and click OK.

Utilizing On-Screen Keyboard

  • The On-screen keyboard appears. If the ScrLk button is blue, it’s enabled. To turn it off, click the on-screen keyboard. The blue color should disappear.

Unable to Move Cells in Excel

Solution 4 – Enabling Sticky Keys


  • Go to Start, and select Run from the menu.

Enable Sticky Keys

  • Enter the control panel in the search field and click OK.

  • When the Control Panel window appears, go to the View by section and click Ease of Access Center.

Unable to Move Cells in Excel

  • Click on the Make the keyboard easier to use option.

Enable Sticky Keys

  • Select the Turn on Sticky Keys option.

Unable to Move Cells in Excel

Solution 5 – Disabling Add-ins


  • Click on the File tab.

Disable Add-ins

  • Click on More and select Options.

  • Click Add-ins, go to the Manage field, and click the Go button.

Unable to Move Cells in Excel

  • Uncheck all the boxes and click OK.

Disable Add-ins

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