How to Resize a Slicer in Excel (With Quick Steps)

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Slicer imparts buttons that you can press to filter Excel tables or pivot tables. If you don’t like the visual properties of the slicer, you can change the size, style, and position of the buttons. Though Excel slicers are great, the contextual tool for resizing a slicer in Excel is a bit limited. In this article, you will learn an effective way to resize a slicer in Excel.

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How to Insert a Slicer in Excel

Before proceeding to our main discussion, we need to know what is literally a slicer. A slicer is an interactive control tool. It can make your work easy by filtering data in a table or pivot table. The slicer feature was first incorporated in Excel 2010. At that time they are only used for filtering pivot tables. From Excel 2013, now it is also available for filtering Excel tables.

The slicer contains a particular field. The following figure shows a table with a slicer with the heading Month. If we click on January, it will filter only sales data for January.

How to Insert a Slicer in Excel

To add one or more slicers in your Excel spreadsheet,

  • select any cell of your table or pivot table and then go to Insert >> Filter >> Slicer.

How to Insert a Slicer in Excel

The Insert Slicers dialog box will pop up including a list of all fields in your pivot table. Put a checkmark next to one or more fields, and finally click OK.

How to Insert a Slicer in Excel

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Steps to Resize a Slicer in Excel

To create your own custom Slicer style, just follow the steps below.

πŸ“Œ Step 1: Reveal the Slicer Tab

Select the slicer to reveal the Slicer tool in the ribbon.

Steps to Resize a Slicer in Excel

πŸ“Œ Step 2: Choose a Suitable Style

Now go to Slicer >> Quick Styles. Then choose a style to save your time rather than doing it manually. Right-click on the style you like, and click on Duplicate

Steps to Resize a Slicer in Excel

πŸ“Œ Step 3: Give a Name to Style

It will open a Modify Slicer Style dialog box. Give a name of your style (in this example, it is named β€˜Handy’). After that, select Whole Slicer of the Slicer Element list, and finally, click on Format.

Steps to Resize a Slicer in Excel

πŸ“Œ Step 4: Modify Font Section to Resize Slicer

A Format Slicer Element window will pop up. Now, under the Font section, select the font size you like, and also other things you wish to modify. In this tutorial, I used font size 10 which will allow me to keep the slicer button smaller.

Steps to Resize a Slicer in Excel

πŸ“Œ Step 5: Modify Format Section

Now, go to the Border tab and put the Presets to β€˜None’. This can allow you to overlap the slicers slightly as there is no constriction of the borders. Finally, click on OK.

Modifying Format Section

πŸ“Œ Step 6: Final Step to Resize a Slicer

The Modify Slicer Style dialog box is back. You can also select the other slicer element and modify them as you need to do. Finally, make sure a tick mark on Set as default slicer style for this document box, and click on OK.

Final Step

Finally, here is the result.

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In this article, we have learned an effective way to resize a slicer in Excel. I hope this discussion has been useful for you. If you have any questions or any kind of feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment box. Please visit our website ExcelDemy for more Excel-related content. Happy reading!

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