How to Insert a Slicer in Excel (3 Methods)

Slicers are powerful tools that allow you to filter data visually, making it easier to analyze and explore your datasets.

We’ll use the following Product List table, containing the Month, Product Name, and Sales columns, to demonstrate how to insert Slicer.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

Method 1 – Using PivotTable Fields List:

Step 1: Inserting a Pivot Table

  • Open your Excel workbook containing the dataset you want to work with.
  • Select the entire dataset of the Product List table.
  • Go to the Insert tab and choose PivotTable > From Table/Range.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

  • In the resulting window, click New Worksheet and then OK.

  • In the PivotTable Fields, place Month and Product Name in the Rows area, and Sales in the Values area.
  • You’ll now have a Pivot Table displaying Row Labels and the Sum of Sales.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

Step 2: Inserting a Slicer Using PivotTable Fields List

  • Right-click on any of the PivotTable Fields items (e.g., Product Name).
  • Select Add as Slicer.

  • A slicer will appear, showing a list of Product Names.

  • Click on any Product Name to activate the slicer filter (e.g., select “Butter” to filter data for that product).

The data for the product Butter is displayed in the Pivot Table.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

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Method 2 – Using PivotTable Analyze Tab:

Step 1: Inserting a Pivot Table

  • Inserting a Pivot Table (same as in Method 1).

Step 2: Inserting a Slicer Using PivotTable Analyze Tab

  • Click on a cell within the Pivot Table.
  • Go to the PivotTable Analyze tab.
  • Select Insert Slicer.

  • In the resulting window, choose the field (e.g., Product Name) for which you want to add a slicer.
  • Click OK.

  • Now you can use the slicer to filter data based on the selected product (e.g., choose Milk to view data for that product).

Herewith the data for the product Milk in the Pivot table.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

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Method-3: Adding a Timeline (for Date Fields)

Step 1: Inserting a Table

  • First, select the entire dataset.
  • Go to the Insert tab and choose Table.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

  • A Create Table window will appear.
  • Mark the My table has headers box and click OK.

  • Now you’ll see the table.

Step 2: Inserting a Slicer by Using Table Design Tab

  • Click on any cell in the table.
  • Navigate to the Table Design tab.
  • Select the Insert Slicer option.

  • An Insert Slicer window will appear.
  • From that window, choose the Month option (you can select other items as well).
  • Click OK.

  • The Month list will be visible.
  • To filter data for a specific month (e.g., June), click on that month.

  • You’ll now see the data for June in the table.

How to Insert Slicer in Excel

Download Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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