How to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel (5 Methods)

In Excel if we input an URL, it automatically converts the URL to hyperlinks which is not helpful all the time. Mistakenly selecting the cell containing hyperlink can open a website. So we may want to remove the hyperlinks but keep the text on the cell or multiple cells. In this article, we will show you some basic ways to remove all hyperlinks in Excel without removing the text.

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5 Methods to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel

In this section, we will show you 5 very easy and useful methods to remove all the hyperlinks in Excel. To show the method we are using a dataset consisting of several hyperlinks in it.

Remove all hyperlinks in Excel

Method 1: Using Built-in Option from Context Menu

For removing any hyperlink Excel has a built-in option which is very simple to use. In this method, we will show you how to use the option to remove all hyperlinks in Excel while keeping the text.

Step 1: Select the cell or range of cells those contain the hyperlinks.

Removing hyperlinks using built-in option

Step 2: Right click on the selected cells and in the bottom there will be an option Remove Hyperlink. Clicking on the option.

removing hyperlinks using built-in option

All the hyperlinks will be converted to plain text.

result of using built-in option

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Method 2: Using Paste Special Command

In Excel versions before 2007, the built-in option shown above is not present. No worry even then we can remove all hyperlinks in Excel very easily using Paste Special. In this method, we will show that.

Step 1: At first we select an empty cell and put numerical value 1 in it and copy the cell.

removing hyperlinks using paste special

Step 2: Then we select the range of cells that contain the hyperlinks and right click on that and choose Paste Special from the option.

remove hyperlinks paste special method

Step 3: Paste Special window will open and we select Multiply from the operation section. Then we press OK.

remove hyperlinks using paste special option

And the hyperlinks will be removed.

paste special method result for removing hyperlinks

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Method 3: Using Paste Text Only Option

Sometimes we copy an URL and want to paste the text only on an empty cell. In this method, we will show how to do that simply to remove hyperlinks in Excel.

Step 1: Firstly we copy the URL of a site. In our case, we copied the URL of the Amazon site.

paste text only option for removing hyperlinks

Step 2:  Then we select the empty cell where we want to keep the text. Right-click on that and we select Paste Only Text from the Paste option. Only the text will be copied to the cell.

use paste only option to remove hyperlinks

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Method 4: Switch Off Automatic Hyperlink

In spite of removing the hyperlinks, we may want to stop Excel from making a hyperlink. In this method, we will show how to do that.

Step 1: At first we go to File>Options in Excel. The Excel Options will pop up. Then we select Proofing>Autocorrect from the menu.

switch off hyperlinks in Excel

Step 2:  An Autocorrect window will pop up. We need to select  AutoFormat As You Type. 

switch off hyperlink method in Excel

Step 3: Then we deselect Internet and network paths with hyperlinks. We click OK. After this, no hyperlinks will be connected to any cell in Excel. 

result of switching off method in Excel

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Method 5: Removing Hyperlinks by Setting Macro

Macro in Excel is a recorded order of options. We can use a macro to remove the hyperlinks from the specific sheet of workbook. We can set up a macro using Visual Basics for Application (VBA) code very efficiently.

Step 1: At first we Press the ALT+F11  keys to open the VB editor window.

Step 2: Select ThisWorkbook or the desired worksheet from the VBA project panel.

removing hyperlinks by using macro

Step 3: In the VBA code window we write the following code

Sub mhRemoveAllHyperlink()


End Sub

macro set up to remove hyperlinks in Excel

Step 4: We can run the sub by selecting Run at the top. Then we move the window out of the way. All the hyperlinks in the worksheet will be removed.

Step 5: There’s another way to run the sub. We close the VBA  window and come back to the active worksheet and press ALT+F8 which will open the Macro window, we select ThisWorkbook.RemoveAllHyperlinks from the list and press Run.

stting up macro to remove hyperlinks

Hurrah! all the hyperlinks from our worksheet will be removed.

result of using macro to remove hyperlinks

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Keeping hyperlinks in the sheet causes hazards sometimes. so removing the hyperlinks but keeping the text may be required. In this article, we have shown 5 simple ways to remove all hyperlinks in Excel. You can use any one of them as you like. Hope this article will help you. If you face any problem doing it or if you have any recommendations please let us know by comments.

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