[Solved:] Excel Subscript Not Working

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If you are looking for the solution to Excel subscripts not working, then you are in the right place. While dealing with various numbers or digits we need to use subscript to represent values. In this article, we’ll try to discuss solutions to Excel subscript not working.

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4 Possible Solutions When Subscript Is Not Working in Excel

Excel offers various ways for the solution to add subscripts. We just need to follow some simple steps in every method.

1. Using Format Cells

Using the Format Cells option is an easy way to activate a subscript. Suppose, in the following dataset, we need to add 4 as a subscript after WERT in cell C5.

excel subscript not working


  • Firstly, select 4 > right-click on it > choose Format Cells.

Using Format Cells

  • Eventually, a Format Cells window will appear.
  • Secondly, select Subscript in the Effects box > click OK.

  • Consequently, 4 will be added as subscripts like this.

excel subscript not working

  • Lastly, follow the same procedures to fill other cells of Column C as Product ID with subscripts.

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2. Applying Quick Access Toolbar

We can use the Quick Access Toolbar to activate subscript.


  • Firstly, click the drop-down bar shown in the figure.
  • Secondly, choose More Commands.

Applying Quick Access Toolbar

  • Eventually, an Excel Options window will appear.
  • Thirdly, go to Quick Access Toolbar > select Subscript > click Add > again click Subscript > press OK.

excel subscript not working

  • Now, write the code of Product ID. In this case, it is WERT4 where 4 should be a subscript.
  • Fourthly, mark 4 > click X2.

  • Eventually, 4 will turn into a subscript like this.

  • Similarly, do the same thing for other cells in Column C too, and finally, we’ll get the output like this.

excel subscript not working

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3. Adding Subscript from Equation

We can add subscripts from the Equation feature manually. To do this, we need to follow the steps below.


  • Firstly, go to Insert > click Symbol > select Equation.

Adding Subscript from Equation

  • Secondly, go to Equation > choose Structures > select Script > pick Subscripts box from the options.

excel subscript not working

  • Eventually, a box will appear like this.

  • Now, put 4 in the subscript position inside the box and WERT in the normal position.

  • Fourthly, place the box inside the C5 cell by sliding it.

excel subscript not working

  • Lastly, click outside of the box anywhere inside the sheet.
  • Eventually, the Product ID with a subscript in the C5 cell will be like this.

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4. Using Ink Equation

We can also use the Ink Equation to add subscripts. The steps below need to be followed.


  • Firstly, go to Insert > choose Symbol > select Equation > pick Ink Equation.

Using Ink Equation

  • Eventually, a Math Input Control window will appear like this.

excel subscript not working

  • Secondly, click Write.
  • Thirdly, write manually WERT and 4 as subscript > click Insert.

excel subscript not working

  • Eventually, the writing box will appear like this.

  • Lastly, click outside the box and finally, the subscript will be added like this.


That’s all about today’s session. And these are the ways of solution to Excel subscripts if not working. We strongly believe this article would be highly beneficial for you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and queries in the comments section and explore our website Exceldemy, a one-stop Excel solution provider.

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