[Fixed!] Border Not Showing in Excel (6 Solutions)

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Sometimes you may need to print out your data or Excel spreadsheets. In that case, if there are Borders then it will be easy to read the data. But sometimes the Border may not be showing in Excel. So, in this article, I will explain the reasons and solutions for not Showing Border in Excel.

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6 Reasons & Solutions for Not Showing Border in Excel

Here, I will describe 5 possible ways to fix not showing Border in Excel. In addition, for your better understanding, I’m going to use a sample data set named Border not Showing. Which contains 3 columns. These are Student ID, Test Score, and Status. The dataset is given below.

 Dataset for Border not Showing in Excel

1. Changing Line Color

Sometimes, there are such cases when you use the Border but still the Border is not visible to the Excel sheet or even the printed copies. In that case, perhaps, the Borders color becomes White. If the Borders color becomes White, then the Borders will not be visible not only in the Excel sheet but also in the printed copies.

Now, notice the following dataset. Some cells have lost their proper Borders. Eventually, I used Borders. This is because the Borders line color becomes White.

 Border not Showing in Excel

Following, I have attached the printed copy. There are also some missing Borders.

 Border not Showing in Printed copy

Here, you can see the reason clearly. The Line Color of Borders becomes White. On the other hand, sometimes it can happen if the Line color of the Border matches with the paper color. Moreover, if the Fill color of cells matches the Border color, then also the Borders won’t be visible.

Now, let’s talk about the solution.


  • Firstly, from the Home tab >> go to the Borders menu.
  • Secondly, from the Line Color >> choose any dark color (except White or those which are close to White).

  • After that, you can draw the Borders with a Pencil where are White borders.

  • Otherwise, just select the cells to apply the new Borders.
  • Then, you may choose All Borders from the Borders menu under the Home tab.

Here, you can see the following dataset has visible Borders.

Furthermore, I have attached the new printed copy where all Borders are visible. Here, you can use Excel keyboard shortcuts CTRL+P to check the print preview.

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2. Use of Format Cells Feature

Sometimes, the Borders won’t be visible in the printed copies for using None Border. Furthermore, if the Border line color becomes White then there will be no Borders in Excel when printing.

Thus, you have to Re-Format the cells. Here, you can use the Format Cells feature to solve this problem. The steps are given below.


  • At first, you may select the data.
  • Then, press the CTRL+1 keys.

Here, also you may Right Click on the data. Then, from the Context Menu Bar >> you may select the Format Cells option.

Use of Format Cells Feature for Showing Border in Excel

Subsequently, a dialog box named Format Cells will appear.

  • Now, from that Format Cells dialog box >> you have to go to the Border option.
  • Then, you need to select both Outline and Inside.
  • After that, you should check the Color whether it is White or not. If it is White, then make it Black or any dark color.
  • Finally, you must press OK to make the changes.

Applying Format Cells Feature for not Showing Border in Excel

At this time, if you will be able to see the Borders.

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3. Expand Size of Cells

Suppose you use long text inside the cells and the cells are compressed as below.

In this case, if you see the printed copy then you will notice that Border is not showing in the printed copies or even in Excel.

Now, talk about the solution.

  • Here, you may use the Mouse cursor on the Column head to expand the columns. Expand the columns as all the text should remain in the cells properly.

Expand Size of Cells for not Showing Border in Excel

As you can see, I have attached the new printed copy where all Borders are visible.

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4. Applying Color Index in Cell Using VBA

In case you want to color your data cells, then don’t paint the cells. If you paint them, then there is a good chance of not showing the Border in Excel.

So, the solution is, you should use the VBA Color Index to color your cells. As an example, I have used alternate row colors in my dataset. Moreover, I have attached the following code of the color index and the effect of that color.

Here, you can easily see all the Borders.

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5. Don’t Merge Any Cell

Let there be some cells merged in your dataset. In this case, you will see that Border is not showing in Excel.


  • Firstly, select your data.
  • Secondly, from the Home tab >> choose Merge & center which is under the Alignment menu. Here, you may notice that for unmerging some of the data are consisting of one cell, then you should re-write them again according to your preference.

  • Now, select your data again.
  • Then, from the Home tab >> choose the All Borders option.

As a result, the Borders will be visible to you.

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6. Unprotect Worksheet in Excel

Sometimes you may keep your Excel file protected. In that case, the Border may not be showing in Excel. Then, you should unprotect your Excel worksheet to keep visible the Borders.

Furthermore, you should keep all cells visible. Which means don’t keep any row or column hidden. For the visibility of Borders, you should unhide all the rows and columns.

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💬 Things to Remember

  • Always, must use the All Borders option under the Borders option for showing Borders in Excel.

Practice Section

Now, you can practice the explained method by yourself.

Practice Section to show Border in Excel


I hope you found this article helpful. Here, I have explained 6 suitable solutions for not showing Border in Excel. You can visit our website ExcelDemy to learn more Excel-related content. Please, drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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