How to Create an Embedded Chart in Excel – 3 Steps


Definition of Embedded Chart

Excel embeds the chart in the worksheet containing the dataset. You can also insert the chart into a separate chart sheet.

The dataset showcases Month number, Marketing Expense, and the Revenue in USD.

embedded chart excel


Step  1 – Add a Series to the Chart

  • Select D4:D13 (the Revenue column).
  • Hold CTRL and select B4:B13 (the Month column).
  • Go to Insert >> click Insert Scatter (X,Y) or Bubble Chart >> choose Scatter with Smooth Lines and Markers.

Add a Series to the Chart

Step  2 – Add a Second Series to the Chart

  • Select the chart >> choose Select Data in Chart Design.

Add a Second Series to the Chart

  • Click Add to enter a new series.

embedded chart excel

In the Edit Series dialog box.

  • Enter the Series name, here, Marketing Expense.
  • Choose B5:B13 as Series X values >> select C5:C13 as Series Y values >> Click OK.

Inserting Marketing Expense

 Step 3 – Format the Chart

  • Go to Chart Elements, enable the Axes Title to name the axes. Here, Month and US Dollar.
  • Add a Chart Title, here, Breakdown of Revenue and Marketing Expense by Month.
  • Check Legend to show the two series.
  • Uncheck Gridlines.

Format the Chart

This is the output.

embedded chart excel

Moving  an Embedded Chart into a Chart Sheet


  • Select the chart >> go to Chart Design and choose Move Chart.

Moving Embedded Chart into Chart Sheet

In the Move Chart wizard:

  • Select New sheet >> click OK.

Inserting Chart Sheet

This is the output.

Moving a Chart Sheet into an Embedded Chart


  • Select the chart in the chart sheet >> click Move Chart.

Moving Chart Sheet into Embedded Chart

In the Move Chart wizard:

  • Select Object in and enter the name of the sheet to insert the chart, here: Creating Embedded Chart.
  • Click OK.

Inserting Embedded Chart

This is the output.

Printing an Embedded Chart


  • Insert a chart.
  • Press CTRL + P to open print preview.

Printing Embedded Chart

  • Click  Print.

Print Preview

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How to Embed an Excel Chart into a Word Document


  • Select the chart >> press CTRL + C to copy the chart.

How to Embed Excel Chart into Word Document

  • Open a Word document >> choose a location to insert the chart.
  • Press CTRL + V to paste it.

Using Shortcut key to Paste

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Practice Section

Practice here.

Practice Section

Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook.


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