How to Create a Timesheet in Excel (3 Useful Examples)

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This article describes the way of creating timesheets for an individual employee, all employees counting lunch break and overtime with final payment. More importantly, this article shows another example of making a timesheet considering working days only excluding holidays, weekends, and taken leaves.

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In workplaces, the Timesheet is a trendy term. It is a method that is used to record employee time records in the office. Originally, this method was developed to calculate salary at the end of each month, considering overtime hours and break or lunch hours. Microsoft Excel has made our work easier to create a timesheet.

In this article, we will create a timesheet in Excel with 3 useful examples.

Create a timesheet in Excel

How to Create a Timesheet in Excel: 3 Useful Examples

To describe the method of creating a timesheet, we will demonstrate here 2 useful examples for better understanding. Let’s follow the procedure below.

Example 1: Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

In this example, we will make a timesheet of a single employee in a company. Also, we will calculate the payment at the end. Follow the steps carefully.

  • First, insert the company name, page title, and other information (see image below) in rows 2, 3, 6, and 7 respectively.

Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

  • Then, create a table with the titles Day, Date, In Time, Out Time, Total Hours, and Overtime Hours.
  • Afterward, insert information into the respective titled cells like this:

  • Following, go to the Home tab and select Fill Color under the Font group.

  • From here, customize your table with your preferred colors and the final output looks like this:

Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

  • Now, insert this formula in cell F10.

  • Then, press Enter.
  • Here, you will see the Total Hours of the job done on Monday.

  • Then, use the AutoFill tool to get the result for the whole week.

  • Next, insert this formula in cell G7 to calculate the Standard Work Hour using the TIME function.

Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

  • Now, insert this formula in cell G10.

  • Following, drag the bottom corner of cell G10 up to cell G14 to calculate the Overtime Hours of each day.

How to Create a Timesheet in Excel

Here, we applied the IF function to determine a logical comparison between Total Hours and Standard Work Hour.

  • So far, we have successfully created a timesheet in Excel for an individual employee.
  • Along with it, let us calculate the Final Payment based on Work Hours and Rate/Hour.
  • Initially, insert this formula in cell F17 to calculate the Work Hours of a week.

Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

  • Similarly, count total Overtime Hours with this formula in cell G17.

Here, we used the SUM function to count the total hours in selected cells. Along with it, we multiplied it by 24 to get the result in 24-hour format.

  • Next, insert this formula in cell F19 to calculate Sub Total based on Rate/Hour.

  • Similarly, count it for Overtime Hours with this formula.

  • Lastly, apply this formula to find the Final Payment in cell F20.

  • Finally, press Enter, and you will get your final output.

Create a Timesheet in Excel for Individual Employee

Example 2: Make an Excel Timesheet Template for All Employees

In this second one, we will create an Excel timesheet for all employees in the department. We will also include the lunch hours this time. Let’s see how it works.

  • In the beginning, insert all the information in your worksheet as per the image below:

Make an Excel Timesheet Template for All Employees

  • Make sure to insert the Standard Work Hour as described in the 1st example.
  • Now, insert this formula in cell G10.

  • Afterward, press Enter.
  • Here, you will see the first input of the Total Hours of Joseph.

  • Lastly, use the Fill Handle tool to get a similar output for all the employees in cell range G11:G16.

Make an Excel Timesheet Template for All Employees

  • That’s it, we have our timesheet template in Excel.

Example 3: Create an Excel Timesheet Template Counting Working Days (Excluding Holidays, Weekends, & Taken Leaves)

  • First, here is a timesheet to calculate the total working days of some employees.

Timesheet for counting work days

  • Now, insert the following formula in cell E10.

Insert formula to count holidays

Formula Breakdown

  • ($K$7:$K$16>=C10): It checks if each value in the range K7:K16 is greater than or equal to the value in cell C10.
  • ($K$7:$K$16<=D10): It checks if each value in the range K7:K16 is less than or equal to the value in cell D10.
  • SUMPRODUCT(($K$7:$K$16>=C10)*($K$7:$K$16<=D10)): The SUMPRODUCT function sums the values where both conditions are TRUE, then counts the values that match the specified range.
  • After that, use the fill handle tool to get the holidays of the remaining employees.
  • Next, apply the following formula in cell F10. This will return the total number of weekends in the work period.

Insert formula to count weekends

Formula Breakdown

  • DAYS(D10,C10): This part calculates the number of calendar days between the dates in cells D10 and C10 using the DAYS function.
  • DAYS(D10,C10)-NETWORKDAYS(C10,D10): This part subtracts the number of weekdays (excluding weekends) between the dates in cells C10 and D10 using the NETWORKDAYS function.

  • Now, insert the individual leaves manually.
  • Next, insert the formula below in cell H10 to get each employee’s total number of working days.

The above formula calculates the number of days between two dates (D10 and C10), while subtracting the specified number of days in cells E10, F10, and G10. The “+1” at the end is added to include the starting day in the count.

Calculating total working days

  • Finally, you will get the working days of every employee.

Final Timesheet

How to Protect Timesheet in Excel

  • First, go to the Review tab and click on Protect Sheet.

Selecting protect sheet

  • Then, you can insert a password and click OK to protect the sheet.

Inserting password to protect sheet

  • You can also choose the range you will allow any user to edit.

Allowing edit ranges

  • Next, in the dialog box, click on the New button.

Setting new ranges

  • Now, give the Title name, select the range, insert a Range Password, and finally click on OK.

Inserting range password

How to Print Timesheet in Excel

  • First, click on the File tab and go to Print.

Clicking File tab

  • Next, change the Page Orientation to Landscape.

Changing page orientation to landscape

  • Next, change the margins to Wide margins.

Changing margins to wide margin

  • Finally, click on Print.

Clicking on print button

Things to Remember

  • Make sure, all the hours in your dataset are in Time format. Otherwise, it will show a false value. Also, keep it in 24-hour format to avoid decimal values.
  • To calculate the final work hours of a whole week or month, keep the cell in Number format.
  • If you are working in a 12-hour format, make sure to mention AM and PM. Because the Out Time is always greater than the In Time. So without the mention, it will show the wrong answer.
  • If any formula shows the output as a date, just change the number format to general.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the formula for timesheet in Excel?

The formula for calculating total hours in a timesheet in Excel is typically “=SUM([Range of Hours])”.

2. How do I get AM PM in Excel?

We can use the time format code “h:mm AM/PM” or “h:mm am/pm” in the cell formatting options.

3. How do I create a 1 hour interval in Excel?

You can use the formula “=A1 + TIME(1,0,0)”  to create a 1-hour interval in Excel.

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Finally, we are concluding this article. Hope it was a helpful one for you on how to create a timesheet in Excel with 3 useful examples. Let us know your suggestions in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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