How to Get Stock Quote with Excel Add-in (with Easy Steps)

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This article illustrates is generally displayed with other relevant information. You can get a stock quote directly in your spreadsheet using an add-in for Excel. Follow the article to learn how to do that.

Assume you need to get the stock quotes for a list of companies directly into your spreadsheet. You want to be able to refresh them to get the updated prices. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Inserting a Suitable Add-in from the Get Add-ins Option in Excel

This article illustrates how to get a stock quote using an add-in for Excel. A stock quote is the price of a stock on a stock exchange with an updated price.

  • First, select Insert >> Get Add-ins as shown in the picture below.

  • Then, write stock in the search box and click on the search icon. After that, you will see a list of stock-related add-ins sorted by popularities. You can choose whichever suits you best. Then click on the Add button next to the Add-in. For example, we will add the Stock Connector add-in.

Stock Quote Add-in for Excel

Step 2: Launching the Add-in

  • After that, you will find the Add-in launcher from the Home tab. Now, select the Launch button for the Add-in.

Stock Quote Add-in for Excel

  • After that, the Add-in window will appear on the Task Pane at the right of your Excel window.

Stock Quote Add-in for Excel

Step 3: Connecting to a Stock Using Symbol/Ticker to Get a Stock Quote

  • Now, enter the ticker name of a company and click on Connect. For example, you need to enter AAPL to get the stock quote for Apple Inc.

Step 4: Inserting Excel Cell Reference

  • After that, you will be prompted to enter a cell reference where you will get the price. So, enter the cell reference (C5) using the upward arrow and click OK.

Final Step: Reviewing the Results

  • After that, you will get the following result.

  • Now, the connected stock will be listed on the task pane as shown below.

  • Now, you can use AMZN, FB, GOOGL, and MSFT to get the stock quotes for the rest of the companies in cells C6 to C9 respectively.

Stock Quote Add-in for Excel

  • Finally, your Excel worksheet will look like the following one. It will refresh automatically when the stock quote changes.

Stock Quote Add-in for Excel

How to Get Stock Quote Without Using Excel Add-in

If you are using Office365, you don’t need an add-in to get a stock quote in your excel worksheet. Follow the steps below to learn how to use a new feature to do that.

📌 Steps:

  • First, enter the ticker or symbol for the companies in column (B). Excel will automatically recognize the data type as Stocks. Then, it will prompt you to convert the list to stocks. You can oblige if you want.

  • Alternatively, you can select all the tickers. Then select Data >> Stocks from the Data Types group.

  • After that, you will get the following results.

  • Now select all the stock names. Then, click on the Add Field button at the upper right corner of your selection. Next, scroll down and select the Price field.

  • After that, the prices of the respective stocks will be added to the adjacent column. You can add more fields to the right in the same way.

  • Now, right-click on a stock and select Data Type >> Refresh. Then the stock quote will get updated.

Things to Remember

  • Some add-ins may require additional purchases to access all features.
  • Each company on an exchange has a unique ticker. So, make sure to enter the correct one. Otherwise, excel may return a stock quote of a different stock.
  • You should pay heed to the excel disclaimer – ‘Financial Market information is provided “as-is” and not for professional or trading purposes or advice.’

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from the download button below.


Now you know how to get a stock quote with or without using an add-in for Excel. Did you find this helpful? Do you have further queries or suggestions? Please let us know in the comment section below. Do visit our ExcelDemy blog to know more and more about Excel. Stay with us and keep learning.

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