How to Put Comma in Numbers in Excel (7 Easy Ways)

Suppose we have a dataset of some salesman and their respective annual sales (in USD).

Dataset for Putting Comma in Numbers in Excel

Let’s insert some commas to make the Sales numbers much more user-friendly.

Method 1 – Using Format Cells Option


  • Select the cells in which to insert commas.
  • Right-click on the selection and select Format Cells from the context menu.

Put Comma in Numbers in Excel

The Format Cells dialog box will open.

  • From the Number tab, select Number from Category.
  • Tick Use 1000 Separator.
  • Click OK.

Putting Comma in Numbers in an Excel workbook

There is a comma after every 3 digits.

Put Comma in Numbers in Excel

  • Alternatively, to achieve the same result, select Accounting from Category then select None from Symbol.

Put Commas in Numbers in Excel

  • Or, select Custom from Category, then #,##0 from the Type box.

Add Comma in Numbers in Excel sheet

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Method 2 – Using Accounting Number Format


  • Select your data.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Select Number Format.
  • Click Accounting.

Numbers will be formatted to Accounting separated by commas.

Putting Commas in N umbers in Excel sheet

Method 3 – Using Comma Style


  • Select the data
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Click Comma Style.

The numbers are separated by commas.

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Method 4 – Using Shortcut Keys


  • Select the data and press the ALT key.

The ribbon will show a shortcut key for every option.

  • Press H (for the Home tab).

  • Press K for Comma Style.

The numbers all have commas.

Method 5 – Using the FIXED Function

In addition to formatting techniques, there are several functions we can use to add commas to numbers. The first we’ll demonstrate is the FIXED function.


  • Create a new column in our dataset as in the image below.
  • In cell D5, enter the following formula:



  • C5= the actual number
  • 0= decimal places (we don’t want any decimal places)

  • Press ENTER to return the result.

  • Use the Fill Handle to drag the formula down to the rest of the cells.

Method 6 – Using the TEXT Function

Another function that can add commas to numbers is the TEXT function.


  • In cell D5, enter the following formula:

=TEXT(C5, “#,#”)

  • Press ENTER.
  • Use the Fill Handle to drag the formula down to the other cells in the range.

Method 7 – Using the DOLLAR Function

For currency in dollar units, we can insert a comma with the DOLLAR function.


  • In cell D5, enter the following formula:


  • Press ENTER and use the Fill Handle tool to drag the formula down.

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