How to Create Material Balance Sheet in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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Microsoft Excel is a powerful software. In addition to this, it is quite easy and handy to operate. Also, productivity and utilization are increasing day by day. Fortunately, it can be used in all branches of science for various purposes. However, we can also utilize this software in order to prepare a material balance Excel sheet. In this article, I will show you a step-by-step procedure to create a material balance sheet in Excel. Go through it carefully and save time.

Overview of Material Balance

Usually, material balance is quite common in Chemistry, especially in chemical reactions. It refers to the balance of materials or masses on both sides of a chemical reaction. Also, it is known as mass balance. Generally, a chemical reaction contains two sides. The left side is known as the reactants side and the right side of the reaction is known as the products side. However, the mass of these two sides needs to be equal in every chemical reaction.

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Step-by-Step Procedure to Create Material Balance Sheet in Excel

Fortunately, you can create a material balance sheet in Excel easily. Just you have to follow the steps mentioned below in order to complete the operation properly. For the purpose of demonstration, I have used the neutralization reaction of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2].

Step 1: Select the Reaction to Create a Material Balance Sheet

Firstly, select a random chemical reaction. For example, I have selected the following reaction.

2HCl  +  Ca(OH)2  =  CaCl2  +  2H2O

Here, 2 mole HCl reacts with 1 mole Ca(OH)2 and produces 1 mole CaCl2 and 2 mole H2O.

Select the Reaction to Create Material Balance Sheet in Excel

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Step 2: Find the Molecular Weight and Number of Moles

Secondly, you have to find the molecular weight and number of moles from the reaction. However, you can easily calculate the molecular mass by using the atomic mass of each element. Similarly, you will get the number of moles from the reaction. The coefficient of each material is considered to be the mole number of that particular material.

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Step 3: Balance Calculation

In this step, I will calculate the required amount of materials to complete the reaction. Now, select Cell D14 and write down the following formula.


Applying this formula, you will get the amount of HCl in grams which is necessary in order to complete the reaction.

Balancing Equation to Create Material Balance Sheet in Excel

Now, press the Enter key and use the AutoFill tool to get the amount for other materials similarly.

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Step 4: Generate Material Balance Sheet Result

Finally, I will show you the material balance output. In this part, I will calculate the mass of the Reactants Side and the mass of the Products Side of the reaction. For this reason, I have selected Cell D19 and inserted the following formula to get the mass of the Reactants Side.


Similarly, you will get the total mass of the Products Side. Lastly, you will find that both of them are equal and your Material Balance Excel Sheet is ready.

Mass of Reactant Side of the reaction = Mass of Product side of the Reaction

How to Create Material Balance Sheet in Excel Result

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Download Practice Workbook

You can download the workbook used for the demonstration from the download link below.

💬 Things to Remember

  • Fortunately, you can use any chemical reaction to create a material balance sheet.
  • The reaction must be balanced for both sides by counting the number of elements before starting the calculation otherwise it will not work.
  • Moreover, you have to identify the mole numbers properly.


These are all the steps you can follow to prepare material balance in Excel sheets. Hopefully, you can now easily create the needed adjustments. I sincerely hope you learned something and enjoyed this guide. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries or recommendations.

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