[Solved!] Long Numbers Are Displayed Incorrectly in Excel

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Working with long numbers (more than 11 digits) can be a problem in Excel. There are some auto formatting options in the program to keep the spreadsheet clean. However, many times we need to show the data as accurate and not in approximate form.  In this article, we will show you the reason and two solutions to the problem – “long numbers are displayed incorrectly in Excel”.

Long Numbers Are Displayed Incorrectly in Excel: 2 Suitable Solutions

When the number is more than 11 digits, the number gets transformed into scientific notation. Again, when the number is more than 15 digits, the number gets rounded in Excel. So, numbers with more than 15 digits will not be displayed correctly; this is an Excel feature. The solution to the problem is to store the numbers in text format. Then the numbers will be displayed correctly.

2 Suitable Solutions If Long Numbers Are Displayed Incorrectly in Excel

1. Setting Text Format

In the first solution, we will select a cell range. Then, from the number format, we will set the selected cell range to the text from the number format dropdown list. Lastly, we will type the numbers and they will be displayed correctly in Excel.


  • To begin with, select the cell range C5:C10.
  • Next, from the Home tab, select Text from the Number Format dropdown list.

Setting Text Format to Solve Long Numbers Are Displayed Incorrectly in Excel

  • Afterward, type the desired long number in cell C5.

  • So, the long numbers will be displayed correctly.

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2. Using Single Quotation

We will display the long numbers in the desired cell range using this method. Additionally, we will add a single quote before typing a long number. This single quote or apostrophe denotes text formatting.


  • Firstly, type the long number with a single quotation in cell C5.

Using Single Quotation to Solve Long Numbers Are Displayed Incorrectly in Excel

  • Secondly, press ENTER. This will display the number in the correct way.

  • Similarly, type all the other long numbers into the cell ranges.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the link below.


We have shown you two solutions to the issue – “long numbers are displayed incorrectly in Excel”. If you face any problems regarding these methods or have any feedback for me, feel free to comment below. However, remember that our website implements comment moderation. Therefore, your comment may not be instantly visible. So, have a little bit of patience, and we will solve your query as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, keep excelling!

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