How to Put Space in Text Box in Excel (2 Cases)

It is a common scenario to add spaces between texts in an Excel cell. You have added blank spaces, applied the find and replace feature in the context of space, and also spaced down in Excel. But in the case of a text box in an Excel worksheet, you may also need to enter space for your service purposes. This article is a complete guideline in this context. Here, you are going to learn how to put space in a text box in Excel.

How to Insert Text Box in Excel

A Text Box in Excel acts almost similarly to a cell. You can insert text from the Ribbon options and command.

  • First, go to the Insert tab.
  • Then, click on the drop-down of the Text menu.
  • Now, from the options available under the Text menu, select Text Box.
  • As soon as you click Text Box, the cursor sign will change almost like a downward arrow, which means you are ready to insert the box.
  • Next, take the cursor over the region of the worksheet where you want to insert the box. Now, hold and drag the cursor and your text box will be ready.
  • You can add text to the box just after creating it. Just type and the text will be inserted into the box.

You can also format Text Box you have inserted.

How to Put Space in Text Box in Excel: 2 Cases

In this section, you will find 2 common and practical cases to put a space Text Box in Excel. I will demonstrate them one by one here. Let’s check them now!

1. Changing Space Between Lines in an Excel Text Box

Now you know how to insert a Text Box in Excel. Let’s say, we have inserted a Text Box and then typed some texts in the box. The lines of the texts here are equally spaced with the default settings.

We want to change the spaces between the lines in that box. In order to implement this task, proceed with the following steps.


  • First, click on the Text Box to activate it.
  • Then, select the whole text of the box and right-click on the mouse.
  • As a result, a menu list will appear on the window.
  • Here, select Paragraph from the menu list.

How to Space in Excel Text Box

  • After that, a dialog box with the heading Paragraph will show up on the window.
  • In that box, there is a segment Spacing at the lower side.
  • Here, the Line Spacing field is set to Single by default. Click the dropdown of this field and some options will be available like: 1.5 lines, Double, Exactly, and Multiple.

How to Space in Excel Text Box

Let’s check how the line spacing changes with these options.

  • Select the Line Spacing field as Double and click OK.

Make Line Space Double in Excel Text Box

  • As a result, you will find that the space between lines has become double the normal default settings. If your text box is fitted for the normal situation, now the texts will cross the borderline of the box.

How to Space in Excel Text Box

  • You have to adjust the borderline of the box with the increase in the spacing.

How to Space in Excel Text Box

Similarly, you can utilize the other options for line spacing in the Text Box.

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2. Evenly Space Text Boxes in Excel

Let’s discuss another scenario with Excel Text Box. Let’s say, we have multiple Text Boxes arranged sporadically. The space between them is not equally distributed either horizontally or vertically.

Our aim is to distribute the space evenly between the boxes and also arrange them in a perfectly horizontal way. Let’s proceed as below.


  • Firstly, hold the SHIFT key and then select all the Text Boxes.
  • With the selection of the boxes, a new tab named Shape Format will appear on the Ribbon.
  • Here, go to the Shape Format tab and click the dropdown arrow of the Align menu under the Arrange group.

  • Then, the Align menu will provide a list of options.
  • If you want to distribute the even spaces horizontally, then select Distribute Horizontally.

  • As a result, the boxes will rearrange themselves in an equally spaced horizontal way.

  • But, if you want to align them in a centered horizontal way, click Align Middle.

  • Now, the boxes will be aligned horizontally but not equally spaced.

So, if you want the boxes both equally spaced and centrally aligned, then apply both of the two options (i.e. Align Middle, Distribute Horizontally) and see the result below.

How to Space in Excel Text Box

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💡 Things to Remember

  • If you want to tighten the text, select the text of the box and reduce the font size with the menu.
  • Distribute Horizontally option in the Alignment menu doesn’t mean it will align the boxes horizontally, rather it will distribute spaces horizontally (and vice versa for Distribute Vertically).
  • To match one Text Box with another, just use the Format Painter tool.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice book from the link below.


In this article, I have tried to show you some methods of how to space in a Text Box in Excel. I hope this article has shed some light on your way to this. If you have better methods, questions, or feedback regarding this article, please don’t forget to share them in the comment box.

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