[Solved] Excel Text Box Not Showing (3 Reasons & Solutions)

The text box is one of the lucrative features of Excel. Using text boxes, there are lots of advantages. We can declare anything without writing anything in the cells of Excel. It does not hamper the operation of Excel formulas. In this article, we will discuss what we need to do when the text box is not showing in Excel with proper illustrations.

Solved Excel Text Box Not Showing: 3 Reasons & Solutions

There are lots of reasons why the text box is not showing in Excel. Look at the below section for details.

1. Text Box Removed from Main Tab

One of the reasons for not showing the text box, the text group is removed from the main tab. Look at the following image. The text group is missing from the Insert tab.

📌 Solution:

  • Now, we will show how to retrieve this option.
  • Move the cursor to the main tab. Press the right button of the mouse.
  • Choose the Customize the Ribbon option.

  • The Excel Options window appears.
  • Choose the Main Tabs option from the Choose commands from section.

We can also avail this section from File >> Options >> Customize Ribbon.

  • Then, choose the Insert >> Text from the Main Tabs section.
  • Press the Add button after that.

  • Look, the Text option has been added in the Insert tab.

Scroll up or down the Text option from the left-sided arrows.

  • Finally, press the OK button and look at the main tab.

We can see the Text group as well as the Text Box option in the ribbon.

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2. No Outline Command Makes Text Boxes Invisible

We already showed how to insert and write in a text box. The text has an outline color. If the outline color is set to No Fill. Then, the text box will not show in the dataset.

Look at the below image. We input a text in the text box, but the text box border is not visible.

Text box is not visible 📌 Solution:

  • Move the cursor around the text written in the dataset.
  • When getting to the text box, press the right button of the mouse.
  • Choose the Outline option.

Customize the outline of Excel text box

  • A color list will show. Select the desired Theme Color from this list.

  • Look at the dataset now.

The text box is visible now.

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3. Text Box from the Shapes Menu Is Not Visible

We can also create a box like the text using the Shapes feature of Excel.

  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • Choose the Shapes option from the Illustrations group
  • We select our desired shape from the list.

Insert Text box from Shapes

  • After that, place the shape in the dataset.

  • Insert text inside the shape.

The text is there, but the box is not invisible.

📌 Solution:

  • Move the cursor around the text and identify the shape.
  • Then, go to the Shape Format tab.
  • Choose Shape Outline from the Shape Styles group.
  • After that, select the desired color from the list.

Customize the outline of Shapes used as text box

  • Look at the dataset.

The shape is visible, and it works as the text box.

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In this article, we described how to insert text boxes in Excel. Then we find out the reason why the text box is not showing in Excel. We also give the solution to the text box showing the problem. I hope this will satisfy your needs.

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