How to Add a Dynamic Text Box in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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We frequently need to construct a dynamic text box while using Excel. We can show the contents of a cell anywhere on an Excel worksheet by using a dynamic text box. Additionally, it gives us freedom in how we position the dynamic text box. In this article, we will look at a quick way of creating an Excel dynamic text box. So, let us get this article going and explore these steps.

How to Add a Dynamic Text Box in Excel: with Easy Steps

We will go through an effortless way to create dynamic text boxes in Excel in this section. Let us imagine that our dataset consists of the Continents column. Our objective is to use this dataset to generate dynamic text boxes.

dataset consists of the Continents column

One of the simplest methods to create a dynamic box in Excel is to use the Text Box tool. This technique produces dynamic text boxes with dynamic attributes. In other words, the values in the text fields will immediately update if you make any changes to the data in the original dataset. Let us accomplish it now by following the instructions listed here.

⦿ Step 1: Create a Suitable Setup to Link to a Text Box Dynamically

  • First off, we will select cell B5 >> go to the Data tab >> Data Validation option.

Insert Data Validation option

  • Secondly, the Data Validation dialog will then show up as a consequence. Select List from the Allow section under the Settings tab.

Select List from the Allow section

  • To choose the Source, do as shown in the image.

choose the Source

  • In this article, we have selected D4 to H4.

Selecting D4 to H4

  • After doing the selection, we will click OK.

click OK

  • Like in the following image, a drop-down list will appear in cell B5.

a drop-down list will appear in cell B5

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⦿ Step 2: Add a Text Box and Create a Dynamic Text Box Using a Formula

  • Now we will insert a text box just like the image below. To do so, follow the steps, Insert >> Text >> Text Box.

Insert Text Box

  • Now just like the following GIF, we will insert a Text Box 
  • Then while in the Text Box, we will select the formula bar and
  • Enter the equal sign ‘=’ and select the B5 cell where we have added a drop-down previously.

following Gif, we will insert a Text Box

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from the following download button.


Follow these steps and stages on Excel dynamic text box. You are welcome to download the workbook and use it for your own practice.

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