How to Create a Database in Excel

Step 1- Enter Data

The fields in this database are StdID, StdName, State, Age, and Department.

creating a database in excel


Insert the data:

StdID: 1510060,

StdName: Jimmy,

State: Florida,

Student’s Age: 23,

Department: ME

Entering data to create a database


Step 2 – Don’t Leave Any Row Blank

Entering Data Correctly

The database can have neither blank rows nor blank columns.

Step 3 – Fields and Records

All rows are Records.

Explore Two Necessary Terms

All columns are Fields. The headings of the columns are Field Names.

Column called fields

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Step 4 – Create the Excel Table

Follow the steps:

  • In the Insert tab, click Table.

Create the Excel Table

  • In Create Table select $B$4:$F$10.
  • Check My table has headers.

The table is created.

Create the Excel Table

Filter data by clicking the drop-down arrow for the column you want to filter.

Step 5 – Use Database Tools

Database tools improve data analysis and interpretation.

Step 6 – Expand the Database

Add more fields and records to your database.

Step 7 – Complete Database Formatting

To format cells in a database, use Cell StylesFormat As Table or Format Cells. Custom Number Format is also an option.

Create a Searchable Database in Excel


  • Select F5 and enter the following formula.
=FILTER(C5:C10,ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Database!C5,C5:C10)),”Not Found”)

Formula Breakdown:

SEARCH function→ searches for a value.

ISNUMBER function→ returns TRUE if the output of the SEARCH is a number and False if it isn’t.

FILTER function→ filters the output value.

How to Create a Searchable Database in Excel

  • Press ENTER and use the Fill Handle tool.
  • Your output is displayed:

  • Select C4, go to the Data tab >> Data tools >> Data Validation.

  • In the Data Validation dialog box, select Settings >> List in the Allow section >> enter your Filtered cell in the Source box and enter the following formula:

Data validation box

  • In the Error Alert tab, uncheck the box Show error alert after invalid data is entered.
  • Click OK.

error alert

  • A searchable database is created.

Created a Searchable Database

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Create a Database that Updates Automatically in Excel


  • Select all the data. Go to the Insert tab >> select PivotTable >> From Table/Range.

How to Create a Database in Excel That Updates Automatically

  • A Pivot Table will be created.
  • Select the columns you want to update.

PivotTable Fields

  • Right-click any cell and  Refresh. The Pivot Table will automatically update.

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Create a Relational Database in Excel


  • Select the entire range Dataset2.

How to Create a Relational Database in Excel

  • Go to the Insert tab >> PivotTable >> From Table/Range.

Creating PivotTable

  • Go to another sheet Dataset1, here, and create a table.

Note: You can use CTRL + T to create a table.

  • Select the field you want to relate to in Pivot Table. Designation and Salary from two different worksheets were selected here.

  • In the PivotTable Fields, choose All and click CREATE.

  • A relational database will be created.

Created Relational Database

Practice Section

Practice here.

Practice Section

Download Practice Workbook

Download the following workbook and practice.

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  1. Hi Kawser

    Ofcourse you can use excel as database, but the strength of joining 2 or more fields in separate tables is really in the database model. Also using 2 million rows in a table is to slow in excel.
    But maybe i’m on the advantaged side, as i know both programs very well.

    If you can prove that i’m wrong i’ll be very interested.

    • Nope, Jan. You’re absolutely right. Excel can be used as a database when your database is not heavy and need a small load of query on it.

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Kawser!


  3. Very good, thanks

  4. Hi Dr.Kawser,
    We have a very large excel file We would like to treat it as a database by using queries.SO I read we need to connect MS access to treat Excel as DB to connect using DB connector.
    Is there any alternative to not use MC Access.

  5. hi I am trying to create a database with patients information where I can open a stats sheet and by entering maybe the patients registration number I can maybe press ctrl +m and pull the other information that pertains to the patient from the database can u help please

  6. Reply
    Ashley Epps-Smith Sep 13, 2021 at 8:08 PM

    I have raw data with titles and need to turn into a database. The data has patient addresses, emails and phone numbers. can you advise on how you assisted Sherry?

  7. Thank very much
    I need this note so that I can print it out

    • Hello Joseph Jabatie,

      You are welcome. You can get the notes or Excel workbook from the Download section.


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