How to Create a Membership Database in Excel (with Easy Steps)

Excel is the most widely used tool for dealing with massive datasets. We can perform myriads of tasks of multiple dimensions in Excel. Though Excel is not a database tool, we can use it to create a manual membership database. In this article, I will explain how to create a membership database in Excel.

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How to Create a Membership Database in Excel: with Easy Steps

To elucidate the method, I have divided it into 6 easy steps. Let’s see them one by one.

Step 1: Set Headings

The first step is to set headings for the database. In our case, we have ID, Name, Cell No, and Zone.

Set headings

Step 2: Enter 1st Record

The next step is to enter the 1st record. In this step, we will simply enter it.

Step 3: Adjust Formatting

The next step is setting up the format. In this dataset, I will just format the Cell Number. You can format your database as per your wish and requirements.

To do so,

  • Select D5.
  • Then, select the icon shown in the image.

how to create a membership database in excel

  • Format Cells box will appear.
  • Then, select Custom
  • After that, change the type.
  • Then, click OK.

  • Excel will change the format.

how to create a membership database in excel

Step 4: Create Table

The next step is the creation of a table. To do so,

  • Press CTRL+T.
  • Then, Create Table box will appear.
  • Click OK.

Create Table

  • Excel will create a table.

Step 5: Modify Quick Access Toolbar

Next, I will modify the quick access toolbar. To do so,

  • Right-click your mouse on the ribbon.
  • Then, select Customize the Ribbon.

how to create a membership database in excel

  • After that, the Excel Options window will appear.
  • Then, select the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • After that, select the drop-down shown in the image.
  • Then, select All Commands.

  • After that, from the command list, select Form.
  • Then, click Add >>.

how to create a membership database in excel

  • Excel will add the Form.
  • Then, press OK.

Step 6: Enter New Records

Next, I will enter new records. To do so,

  • Select the Form from the Quick Access Toolbar.

how to create a membership database in excel

  • Then, select New.

  • After that, input the details.
  • Then, select New.

Add new records

  • Excel will add the new record.

  • Complete the table following this method.

how to create a membership database in excel

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Things to Remember

  • Excel is not database software.
  • You can use Microsoft Access to create a database.

Download Practice Workbook

Download this workbook and practice while going through the article.


In this article, I have elucidated how to create a membership database in Excel. I hope it helps everyone. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, please feel free to comment below.

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