How to Copy and Paste Excel Table into Outlook Email

A table or chart is very useful for representing relevant data and information. When we think of creating tables or charts, we think of Microsoft Excel. Although there is a way to create a table in the Outlook email application itself, Excel just provides more flexibility in terms of formatting and editing data. So you might commonly run into scenarios where you have to copy and paste an Excel table into an Outlook email. This article will explain how to do so using 3 different methods.

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3 Easy Methods to Copy and Paste Excel Table into Outlook Email

You can copy and paste Excel Table into outlook email as both editable and non-editable objects. Microsoft Office programs generally allow Excel tables to be inserted directly. As Outlook is one of those applications, you can directly copy and paste them as an editable table. At the same time, you can insert the table as a picture. And there is always the old-school method of sending the file containing the table as a whole with the email.

Before we dive deep into the methods, this is the sample table we are going to use for the demonstration.

copy and paste excel table into outlook email dataset

1. Copying and Pasting Excel Table Directly from Clipboard Command

This method allows you to edit tables in the Outlook email post-pasting. In fact, this is the only method that allows us to do so. The method involves direct and simple copying and pasting an Excel table into an Outlook email. As Outlook is a part of the Microsoft 365 product family, we can do so easily.

Follow these steps for a more detailed guide.


  • First, select the table on your Excel spreadsheet.

  • Then press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  • After that, open the Outlook email client and go to the section where you want to paste the table (main body of the email).

copy and paste excel table into outlook email place

  • Now press Ctrl+V to paste the chart on the email client.

copy and paste excel table into outlook email as editable table

  • You can also edit the table in the email client now if you want.
  • For example, take a look at the value marked in the following figure and the previous one.

edited after the copy and paste excel table into outlook email

This is how you can copy and paste an editable Excel table into the Outlook email.

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2. Adding Excel Table as Non-Editable Picture in Outlook Email

Apart from the previous method, you can also insert an Excel table as a picture in an email. But as you have guessed, you cannot change or edit the table this way after inserting it in an email. Either way, there can be two ways we can achieve the result-

2.1 Copying Chart as Picture and Pasting into Outlook Email

You can directly copy the chart as a picture from Excel. But unfortunately, you can’t paste it directly elsewhere. So you have to paste it on the spreadsheet first to work with it. Then you can go on to move, cut or copy it to other places.

Follow these steps for more details.


  • First of all, select the whole Excel table on the spreadsheet.

  • Now go to the Home tab on your ribbon first.
  • Then select the downward-facing arrow beside Copy you will find in the Clipboard group section.
  • After that, select Copy as Picture from the drop-down menu.

copy as a picture and paste excel table into outlook email

  • Consequently, another box will appear. Select your preferred options here. In this case, we are opting for As shown on screen as the Appearance option and Picture as the Format.

copy picture options

  • Now click on OK. Thus Excel will now copy the table as a picture and store it on the clipboard.
  • Next, paste the picture somewhere on the spreadsheet.

excel table as picture

  • Then copy the picture with Ctrl+C.
  • And paste it into the outlook email client’s main body section by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

copy and paste excel table into outlook email as a picture object

This way you can copy and paste the Excel table into Outlook email as a picture.

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2.2 Copying the Snip of Table

Although a bit improper, another way you can insert the table into the email client as a picture is to take a screenshot of the chart. You can find many third-party applications available on the internet that will allow you to take a screenshot of the chart. But here we will use the windows built-in snippet to take the snip of the table which we will use to insert them into the email.

Follow these steps for the detailed process.


  • First, open up the spreadsheet and press Win+Shift+S on your keyboard.
  • Then select the area you want over the table with the help of your mouse cursor.

  • Now open up the Snip & Sketch window (or the one you are using) and press Ctrl+C to copy the image on your clipboard.
  • Finally, select the main body of the email client and press Ctrl+V to paste that in.

copy and paste excel table into outlook email as a picture from snippet

This is another way to copy and paste an Excel table as a picture into the Outlook email client.

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3. Attaching Excel File in Outlook Email

Of course, you can always attach the whole file to the email, regardless of the client. This way you can always send an Excel table with the Outlook email client. You can send them directly in a .xlsx format or a .xlsm one (if it contains VBA). Other popular formats are PDF and XPS. No matter the file extension, you can follow these steps to attach the file containing the Excel chart with the Outlook email client with the following steps.


  • First of all, open up the new mail section of the Outlook email client.
  • Then go to the Insert tab in it.
  • After that, select Files under the tab options.

copy and paste excel table into outlook email by inserting files in the client

  • Next, navigate the file explorer to the location your file is saved and select the file.
  • As a result, you will find that the file is now attached to the email client.

the file inserted for copy and paste excel table into outlook email

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So these were the methods we can follow to copy and paste an Excel table into the Outlook email client. Hopefully, you can now copy and paste the charts with ease now. I hope you found this guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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