How to Group and Ungroup Columns or Rows in Excel


Consider you have data in existing cells that contain names from different countries. They have different room numbers to be allocated according to their payment history. You have to group them into columns to organize a comparable layout.

Group Columns in Excel


  • Select the columns you want to group. In this example, we will select columns C and D.

Group Columns in Excel

  • Select the Data tab from the Ribbon.

Group Columns in Excel

  • Click on Group.

Group Columns in Excel

  • Select the Columns option and press Enter.

Group Columns in Excel

  • The selected columns will be grouped. Here, columns C and D are grouped together. You can see the horizontal line marked with a red box.

Group Columns in Excel

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How to Ungroup Columns


  • Select the grouped columns.
  • Click Ungroup.


How to Hide and Show Grouped Columns in Excel


  • Click the Hide Detail icon.


  • Click the Show Detail button to show the group.

Group Columns in Excel

How to Group Rows in Excel


  • Select the rows you want to group.

Row selection

  • Select Rows from the Group command on the Data tab.

Select rows

  • You will see the grouped rows indicating a vertical line on the left.


Things to Remember

  • In your Excel worksheet, you won’t be able to add Calculated Items to grouped Fields.
  • It’s impractical to select a few columns that aren’t nearby.

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