How to Insert Floating Table in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

Method 1. Using the Watch Window Feature

In the dataset below is the sales information for some fruits. At the bottom are two cells that provide the Total amount for Order and Sale.

Let’s add these two cells to the floating Watch Window box.

 How to Insert Floating Table in Excel


  • Go to Formula > Formula Auditing and click on Watch Window.

A Watch Window will open.

 Floating Table in Excel

  • Select the cell you want to see in the Watch Window. We selected C11.

  • Click on Add Watch.

  • In this new window, click on Add.

All the information about C11 including value, formula, etc., will be shown in the first row of the Watch Window.

Let’s select another cell. We want to know the total amount of Sales.

  • Select cell E11.

  • Click on Add Watch.

 Floating Table in Excel

  • Click on Add in the new window.

Now we have both cells’ information in the Watch Window table.

This window floats when you scroll through the Excel workbook, appearing on every sheet.

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Method 2 – Using a Movable Data Table

We can insert data tables in Excel that are movable.


 Floating Table in Excel

  • Select the data table (B4:E11).
  • Select the Table option from the Insert ribbon.

  • The Create Table window will open with the selected data range loaded.
  • Click OK.

 Floating Table in Excel

The dataset has been set in a table.

  • Change the color and format as desired.

Let’s move this table.

  • Select any cell within the table and move the mouse cursor to any edge of the table.

The cursor will become four perpendicular arrows.

  • Press the right button of the mouse and drag the cursor to your desired location.
  • Select Move Here.

 Floating Table in Excel

The table will move to the new position.

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